Here she is… Ruth Seitelman

Hi, my name is Ruth Seitelman. I live in Northern New Jersey with my husband. We have three grown children and two grandchildren. With everyone on their own we remain a close family and enjoy getting together when everyone’s schedules coincide. When we gather it is certainly a lively dinner table and we wouldn’t change it for the world. I am a seasoned professional with over twenty years of writing experience but not necessarily in writing romances. No, I have been writing internal communications and marketing documents for a large corporation.

I love reading romance, all genres, and have dreamed of writing them since I was a teenager. I read stories about young women with whom I could identify. Okay, with whom I dreamed I could identify but isn’t that what romances are all about? The stories have been wonderful but I admit that I find it harder to connect with the young heroine today.

This past year, encouraged by my friends and family, I gave way to my inner muse, let my creative juices flow and began writing a paranormal romance novel with a heroine that is strong, independent and more mature as well as a story that includes the qualities I love in a romance. I know I am not alone. There are many romance readers like me. A major publisher is interested in my first book and as I patiently wait for their response I am writing the next book in the series.

When not writing I can be found reading, cooking, doing Sudoku and counted cross stitch. Together with my husband, we enjoy ballroom dancing and, with New York City close by, going to the theater. I am also beginning to like the gym, just don’t tell my husband.

I feel strongly about women’s issues and helping where I can. I am a Trustee and on the Executive Board of Shelter Our Sister (SOS), Bergen County New Jersey’s only shelter for victims of domestic violence. I am active on the public relations and technology committees. I am a frequent guest speaker at various functions around Bergen County speaking on behalf of the Shelter.

Visit her here. Follow her on twitter.


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