Resolutions for 2010

Ten, nine, eight… Wait a minute! I am not ready for 2010. I haven’t made my New Year’s Resolutions yet.

Okay how difficult can this be. Hmmm… I am certain if I could find last year’s list there was an item about not leaving things to the last minute. Well, I’ll start this year’s list with more than wishes but with actions that can really be accomplished.


  • Tackle the pile of unread books on my nightstand, especially those that are outside my favorite genre. Somehow these books always get passed over. But there is much to be learned in how authors, no matter the genre, handle their subject. I resolve to read at least six books this year with three outside my favorite genre.


  • Make time to write every day. I seem to get involved in other things especially reading and answering blogs then I’m upset I haven’t moved my book forward. I resolve to write at least two hours a day.
  • Keep a journal of all those great ideas that seem to pop into my mind at odd times for story ideas, dialogue, locations et al. I am always so certain that I will write them down later and quickly forget what they are and agonize to recreate them. I resolve to keep a writer’s journal and use it.
  • Work with someone who believes in my work and me, someone who is as eager for me to succeed and will help me be the best writer I can be. I resolve to find the ultimate agent for me.
  • Ride on the train and see people, other than my family, reading my book. I resolve to get my work published.


  • My characters live with me and are very much a part of me. It makes criticism a bit difficult. I resolve to develop a tougher skin and be more open to criticism
  • I resolve to volunteer where I can with the intention of learning more about the publishing industry, expanding my network and meeting other writers (writing can be such a lonely job)
  • I resolve not to leave things to the last minute – again!

I would love to hear your resolutions too! Please feel free to comment.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to Everyone!

Ruth Seitelman


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