A History – Brand New Year, Brand New Page

Wow, it’s 2010 already. Are you ready to start writing for real? Well, okay, you’ve been writing for real. I get that. But, are you ready to get serious about your writing? That means writing every day, even if it is bad.

As Nora Roberts said, “You can correct bad writing, but you can’t correct a blank page.”

From historical writing to paranormal and every genre in between, we write stories that engage our readers. We alone can take readers to places they’ve never been, remind them of what they’ve felt, help them relate to the characters we create, and bring them to a place of happiness, even if for just a couple of hours.

This is my first post of my own to a blog. While I write contemporary romantic suspense, I read historical romance. One of my favorite authors is Stephanie Laurens. There’s also Sabrina Jeffries and many others. Find your favorite author and study her work. Then sit down and try your hand at finding your own voice in writing. That’s part of beginning this new year.

Since I’m writing this historical blog, here’s your first assignment of the New Year. You are welcome to leave them as a comment, but no, you don’t have to submit them to anyone, just yourself or your critique  partner.

    Write a description of a Victorian wedding in about 500 words.

This just may be the new beginning you’ve been looking for. Remember, new year, new page. Go for it!

Raynene Burgess

One response to “A History – Brand New Year, Brand New Page

  1. Great excercise, Raynene. I think I will sit down later and give it a go. Though admittedly, I’ll have to go over some of the novels I have read from that era and give them a quick study first, lol

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