Why Do Women Find Vampires So Sexy?

I decided as a paranormal writer to tackle the question everyone is asking and scratching their heads about. Why are women so fascinated with vampires? Well vampires have always had a following, so it’s not a new trend. The difference is most vampire stories were told by men and they depicted the vampires as a blood sucking monsters. The vampire was known as evil, scary and repulsive. Then women writers decided to reinvent the vampire. They became suave, charming and the bad to the bone alpha males women are going crazy over. They are sexy, romantic, powerful and the ultimate bad boys.

Women have always been attracted to the bad boy type. What woman doesn’t like a guy in a leather jacket, tight jeans, and throw in a scar or two and you have the ultimate bad boy persona. That’s nothing new look at James Dean he was one of the first bad boys. Bad boys are the ultimate challenge, they do what they want, when they want and no one stands in their way. They are dark and mysterious, you never quite know where you stand with them. They keep it fun and exciting and just a little bit dangerous. Women want to tame the savage beast. For any woman to bring a man like that to his knees it must be love. I have to admit I love to read about a dominate alpha male. I like them strong and demanding. I think it is an escape from the norm and is the fantasy of many women now hooked on the vampire craze.

Women love a man who demands respect and oozes confidence. Vampires are the ultimate when it comes to power. They are physically stronger, faster and are hard to kill. The only way to kill a vampire is burn them or remove their head, they can survive almost anything. Women thrive on knowing their man can protect them and these guys are like Mac trucks. Don’t ever mess with a vampire’s mate if you plan to live to see another day. A vampire will gladly give his life to keep the woman he loves out of harms way. Women love a man that would be willing to die for them, it is the ultimate sacrifice.

Vampires are hopeless romantics, they cherish their women. They know how women want to be treated, but I guess when you have lived for hundreds of years there is plenty of time to figure it out. The thing about vampires is they have only one true mate. Not to say there haven’t been a long list of women in their life, but what do you expect from a man that is hundreds of years old? They can make the direst situation romantic that is true chivalry. How can you not fall madly in love with a man who has searched for hundreds of years for you? You are the only one that he wants to spend eternity with. One of the biggest pluses is vampires never cheat once bonded you are the only one they will ever want. Their love is eternal and knows no bounds. Women want a prince charming and the vampire comes quite close.

Here is what some of my fellow writers had to say about why women love vampires.

“There is something great that in all that time he has lived, you are the one he chose. Billions of women, and you are the one who drove him so crazy, he couldn’t live the next century without you. Know what I mean?”
April Dawn

“I think women are attracted to vampires because they are wild–untamed beasts, and women like to fantasize they are the one who can tamed the savage beast with their love. Or who knows, it could be because they secretly want to be turned so they will become immortal. Would save a whole lot of money on anti-wrinkle creams.”
Brenda Dryer

“It all goes back to the basic desire of women to tame that untamable bad boy. They are predators with strength, grace and immortality but I don’t think it’s only vampires we like as you can just as easily create a repulsive vampire as you can a repulsive human. Any male specimen that is strong (either emotionally and/or physically),sensual, and seductive, who has something that keeps him out of every woman’s reach, except “the one”, is going to appeal to readers on some level.”
Stacy messiah

“For me, a truly mesmerizing dark hero also has to have a sense of his own eternal isolation and even though he is hugely attracted to the heroine, he is torn by his need to possess and protect her.”
Jill Stone

“For me I think besides the obvious sexy part I think it’s the sense of a forbidden relationship. They have the attitude, I’ve been around for centuries, I know more than you, I’ve seen more, I’m immortal so I can do whatever the hell I want and you can’t stop me. Until he finds that one woman who undoes him and you see that even something so forbidden so supposedly evil can be redeemed. Oh and you can’t forget the blatant sexuality.”
Kaycee Kacer

So I don’t really think it is the vampire women are looking for it is the traits of the vampire they are after. Women want to be swept off their feet. They want a whirl wind romance. They search for a man that is strong and can give them the security to know he will always keep them safe. I think taming the bad boy is a challenge and adds a little bit of danger to the mix. As a writer my bad boy characters keep my books exciting and the heroine guessing what will happen next.

So what’s so bad about being powerful, almost immortal, always in control and incredibly desirable? Well according to a lot of vampire lovers nothing.

Tabitha Blake


10 responses to “Why Do Women Find Vampires So Sexy?

  1. Great post, Carey. I’ve often asked myself the same question. Why do I find vampires so attractive? I feel you summed it up very well!

  2. Thanks, Saukra. They are my favorites too. I am glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

  3. Mrrr, I never got into the whole vampire thing. Perhaps I should. I always assumed the whole obsession the characters had were due to Stockholm Syndrome, and it just sort of caught on from there.

  4. What a great job of explaining the attraction!

    I love a bad boy vamp but I also love the bad girl vamps.

  5. Thanks Shiela. I am really glad you enjoyed it. I love a good bad boy too.

  6. Well Uninvoked I can see where you might think that. But I think it is more the fantasy women are looking for. They want to be swept off their feet by the unexpected. Stop by next week and read my next blog. It is going to be about paranormal authors that should be in your to be read pile. Maybe you can find something you might like. But I do understand it’s not for everyone.

  7. So, has anyone heard that Tim Burton is going to make a movie out of the seventies vampire soap Dark Shadows? And what role do you think Johnny Depp will play? Gets me all excited and happy just thinking about it.

  8. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I do hope it’s true!! And with Johnny Depp playing a role…. WOW!!!
    I’m with you, Jillian. I’m excited just thinking about it!!!

  9. I hadn’t heard anything about it either, but Vampires and Johnny Depp. Could it get much better than that? I love Johnny Depp he is an amazing actor. He is so theatrical, there is no one else out there like him. But I have to admit I have loved him since I was a teenager. Opps I’m showing my age.LOL

  10. Right there with ya, Carey, lol. And yes, Johnny Depp is an amazing actor.

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