Possessed by Characters

Today’s post is all about me and my characters and how they are fighting for control over my mind.  Currently I have two works in progress. The first one is called, Awaken the Demon and is book one in my Demon series. It’s a tale of three generations of demons under Satan’s control. The second book, Evil Enchantress is a story of an agent in the Supernatural Investigations Department searching for a killer who drains the life force from her victims while having sex. She’s a Succubus on the prowl.

Originally, I’d wanted to submit Awaken the Demon to a contest Amazon and Penguin were holding but life got in the way and I wasn’t able to finish writing it. This is my fourth rewrite of this book and it’s frustrating me.

“Frustrating you?  Imagine how we feel being left hanging.”

That would be Missy Green, the heroine in Awaken the Demon. I told you my characters were trying to control my mind.

“Apparently we’re not doing a good job of it as you have still left us hanging. Might I remind you that I do possess powers that I could use on you and make your life a living hell?”

Draco Starr, a demon born in hell and a direct descendent of Satan, loves to throw his powers around, but I’m not afraid of him. I still have control.

“Not for long. I will find a way to take control of you sooner or later,”

He’s a persistent man but I’m still not worried. He’s too busy right now trying to convince the woman he loves that being a demon isn’t so bad after all to deal with me.

“I have my ways.”

That he does. Draco is a fierce demon, having worked for Lucifer for decades, claiming souls. Once upon a time he loved taking lives, but now he’s a softy—

“Watch what you say, woman!”

“She’s right, and you know it, Draco,” Missy adds. “But I have to agree with him on one point. We both are getting tired of being left hanging. You left us in a pivotal moment. Draco and I had just made love—which, as usual, was great…but I’m straying. While Draco is dealing with business, I decided to see Troy and tell him that Draco prefers I not speak to him anymore. I have this whole speech lined up and you closed up the program and now I’m sitting here waiting—”

Little does Missy know but seeing Troy is the worst mistake she will ever make. It could be the death of her.


Now on to this other story I’m working on, Evil Enchantress. I’m really digging this story and I love the heroine, Robin Sinclair. She’s a tough agent who has a wounded heart. She’s worked in the SID for seven years and her previous partner whom she loved dearly, was working with the bad guys behind her back. Feeling betrayed, she’s a little guarded now.

“Damn straight I am. And what does my so called friend and boss, Devon do? He saddles me with a newbie detective who has no clue about anything paranormal and to top it all off, he’s always wearing designer suits. Guy drives me nuts.”

That’s Robin speaking. She has issues.

“That is putting it mildly and if she just took the stick out of her ass and gave me a chance she would see just how valuable I am.”

Scott Walker, everyone. He’s not as pushy in my mind and I can’t be more thankful for it.

“I’m not pushy because I know how you think and I know you can’t let us go. Our story is the driving force in your life right now.”

“No, Draco, you cannot kill him.”

“I never said I wanted to.”

“No, but you thought it. Let the poor guy have his time. She’ll get back to us. She’s always coming back to us. We’ve been in her mind for over five years now. This new book will pass but we’re a part of her.”

Missy is right, though I hate admitting it to her. Awaken the Demon is special to me though I can’t really put a finger on why. The whole idea came from a weird dream I had about a woman discovering she is really a demon and falls in love with a big bad ass demon.

“Damn straight I’m a bad ass and don’t you forget it!”

As I was saying before Draco rudely interrupted. From the moment I woke from that dream it’s possessed me.

“Ah, so my powers are working.”

Draco can be so smug. I don’t know why but I just can’t get this demon story line out of my head. I’ve rewritten it several times, changing it here and there, adding in Angels now and I think it has the potential to be a rally great book—

“Then why are you leaving us hanging?”

Missy poses an excellent question. Why am I leaving them hanging?

“Because our story makes you feel high with adrenaline.”

Robin is right. Writing Evil Enchantress is giving me a high. I feel energized, juiced, for the first time in a long time. I’m excited to write this story—

“And what? You’re not excited to write about us anymore?”

“Okay, that’s it. The next time she falls asleep I am taking over her mind.”

“Just calm down, Draco. Let her be. She’s troubled and you taking over her mind won’t help matters any.”

“Maybe not but I would get some satisfaction over it.”

“Look lady,” Robin pipes in. “Their story might be great and all but I’m dealing with a murdering bitch. You can step away from us to go back to that demon story but keep in mind. Doing so, you’re putting several lives on the line. My Succubitch won’t stop even if you put us aside.”

“Just relax, Shiela. Take a few deep breaths and let your heart tell you what to do next.”

That is why I love Scott. He’s always so calm and reasonable. And he’s right. I do need to do what’s in my heart and right now that’s….working on the Evil Enchantress.

“That’s it, she’s mine now.”

“Draco, calm down.”

Now do you see what I mean by my characters wanting control over me? And two of them are demons who could kick my ass without even lifting a finger.

“That might be true but I have some pretty wicked powers of my own. Might I remind you that I can control the weather and unless you want a nasty tornado scooping you up, you’ll stick to my story?”

“Our story,” Scott reminds her.

“Whatever .”

So, you see, I’m tossed. I’ve got a demon straight from hell and an elemental demon fighting for control. And I have no idea which way to turn.  WAIT! I’ve got it! This is normal—okay, maybe not having the characters fighting over my mind but switching between stories. I just did a blog about writers block and while writing it and doing research I found a lot of documents stating it’s healthy for an author to switch between stories.

“Damn it!”

It’s perfectly normal to work on multiple stories at one time. If a writer is stuck in one area in one novel, she or he can switch to another one until the creative juices start flowing for the other one. This is perfect. I don’t need to feel guilty about leaving some of my characters hanging while working on a whole different book.

“We’re domed!”

Okay, I feel so much better now. And I’m off to work on—

“She’ll pick us. She can’t let us go.”

Evil Enchantress.


“Take that demon! She loves us more!”

“Robin, behave.”

Today’s ramblings are brought to you by Shiela Stewart

Check out her work at www.shielasbooks.ca


4 responses to “Possessed by Characters

  1. LOL, I loved this post. Very funny. I was chuckling the whole way through. Your characters are great.
    See, writers aren’t nuts, we just hear voices, lol

  2. Exactly, Brenda! Finally, someone agrees with me. 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad I could entertain you. 🙂

  3. Characters can do that to you. I had one who was supposed to die at the hands of the protag which would set up a chain of events that would go through at least 3 books. Instead the guy took over. He ended up being the only character who survived to the very end and ended up being the core of the story. LOL.

    Right now I have another ‘character’ intruding into my sequel to Geography of Murder. Only this one is a dog. He showed up in the beginning belonging to another guy, then he shows up later and he literally pushes himself into the story. Now I have to decide whether the dog stays or not.

    Characters, you have to love them or hate them, right.

  4. So I’m curious then, Pat. Did the dog speak to you in dog language or in english? LOL

    I had a character do that to me in my Passion series. He came in to help the hero and heroine solve a murder case and ended up demanding his own book and that wasn’t for him either. He insisted I tell his son’s story and he be in it as well.

    As long as the characters keep talking I’ll be happy. 🙂

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