Romantic Fantasies

This month I wanted to do a Valentine’s theme. So continuing with that theme, I have found some of the most romantic places for a getaway. They range from sweet and sexy to wild and crazy. I have always liked the themed rooms they inspire you to have fun and keep it exciting. It’s a step away from the norm. Unfortunately I have never been to any of these places but I would love to visit them all. I hope you enjoy this tour of some really great places to ignite that flame again.

 Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ ultimate triumph and most luxurious accommodation, the Roman Tower! Toast your romance with a sensual soak in the world-exclusive, 7-foot tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool Bath-for-Two. Set on Pocono Palace’s golf course, The Roman Towers are designed in a Grand Roman theme with floor to ceiling columns, stunning arches, vaulted ceilings, covered walkways and a private, arched underpass for parking. A cathedral window offers a panoramic view of Pocono Palace’s lush surrounding landscape.

7-foot Champagne Glass Whirlpool Bath-for-Two overlooking the living room

Cozy log burning fireplace

Glass-enclosed, heated heart-shaped pool

Dry sauna

Massage table with heat lamp

Round king-size bed with celestial ceiling

Combination shower/steam bath-for-two

 Fanta Suite Hotels Burnsville,MN

From the ancient land of Caesar’s Court to the futuristic Space Odyssey, let our FantaSuite transport you to the world of your dreams. Each is a unique experience, an adventure, a romantic retreat designed to completely immerse you in the getaway of your choice. Every FantaSuite includes a spacious whirlpool spa, one or more color televisions, customized furnishings and other amenities No matter which you choose, you’re sure to be delighted with these extraordinary accommodations.

 Adventure Suites  New Hampshire

Created with a cup of fun, a pound of adventure, a bunch of love and a sprinkle of magic, Adventure Suites has a theme to suit everyone. Whether you prefer the psychedelic décor of the 1970’s in the Love Shack, the romance furnishings of Ancient Rome, surviving a night in the Jungle, exploring the unknown in the Cave, feeling the solitude and beauty of a far away wilderness in the Log Cabin, spoiling yourself in the Victorian Spa, enjoying all the modern conveniences of the NY Penthouse or relaxing in your own movie theatre, Adventure Suites is the perfect place to escape from the ordinary.

 Fantacyland Hotel Edmonton, Canada

When you take your first step into your room at the Fantasyland Hotel, the first thing you notice is, “this is no ordinary room.” And you’re right, because this is no ordinary hotel. Not by a long shot. No matter whether you book a superior stay in one of our Superior Rooms, or want the experience of a lifetime in one of our 120 Fantasy Themed Rooms, you’ll find everything you need to make your stay an extraordinary one.

 Wow! There are so many adventures just waiting for you. I think it is amazing how a change in scenery can spark romance. The fantasy of a different time or place is so exciting. A dip in a giant Champagne Glass, scrumptious. If you need to put the spark back in you relationship, I think these places just might do it. Take a walk on the wild side and live the fantasy for a few days.  

 Tabitha Blake


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