Excerpt – The Wedding Night

Here’s another small taste from my own collection. It ranks a hot on the sizzlemeter.

The Wedding Night is available tomorrow from Breathless Press.
You can find The Homecoming Series of three flirts – The Soldier’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding Night as well as The Fetish Club Series of novellas Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen (Coming soon) at Breathless Press.
Feel free to check out the review.

This wedding night will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

When Debbie suggested that they wait until the wedding night to be physical again, Todd had reluctantly agreed. Now after two months of celibacy, he is hard and ready for the honeymoon to begin. He grumbles when she asks him to go get champagne, but he’s not complaining when he returns to see what she has in store for their wedding night.


A candle stood on each of the tables and dim light danced and flickered across the walls. A chair sat in the center of the room, and a bucket filled with ice waited next to it. Todd recognized Debbie’s writing on a paper beside the bucket. The ‘i’s were dotted with little hearts and the sign read, “Sit down, and set the champagne in the bucket.”

When he’d followed the instructions, sultry music filtered in from the bathroom, and Debbie slipped an arm around him from behind, her fingers running down his T-shirt to the crotch of his jeans.

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Ava Delany


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