Sweet verses erotic

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about erotic romance being on the downswing and sweet/sensual romance making a comeback.  I’m rather thrilled about this if it’s true. Though some of my books have been categorized as erotic, I don’t consider them to be erotic at all. I tend to write more story and not as much sex. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a romantic element to my stories and my couples do engage in sensual activity. It’s just not the main focus.  Sure, there’s a lot of sexual tension between the hero and heroine but I don’t fill the pages with sex. I’ve always been a story teller who likes to have a happy ending with sexy couples finding their way into each other’s hearts.  And I’m not talking as only a writer. I’m talking as a reader as well. I like to read romance more so over erotic or erotica. I’ve never been big in reading ménage either.

I’ve tried to write steamier novels but found it to be similar to pulling teeth. Though I could do it, it was hard, painful at times and not something I could do over and over again. I say Kudos to those authors who can do it every time. Though it may seem easy to the reader, there is a lot of work that goes into making a steamy novel.

So I have to wonder if I’m the only one out there that is excited by this new trend of romance. Are there others like me? If the trend is changing, I have to think that I’m not alone, but I’d like to hear from you. Are you more of an erotic/erotica fan or do you like the sweet/sensual romance.

Shiela Stewart


5 responses to “Sweet verses erotic

  1. Thank you for your post, Shiela.

    I’m definitely in the sweet romance camp. I don’t read erotic romances at all. And I’m tired of defending myself with disclaimers such as “But I’m no prude”. I have plenty of artistic reasons for my lack of interest in erotica.

    The most important one is that sex scenes are boring. To me, anyhow. Basically they’re pretty much the same. How many variations are humanly possible? Or inhumanly possible, as in some paranormals.

    When writing about the interactions between the hearts and minds of characters, the possibilities are limited only by the author’s imagination. When writing about interactions further south, the possibilities are severely limited, no matter how creative the author.

    Therefore, it’s fine by me if writers once again do like Hollywood filmmakers during the Hays Code era and discreetly shut the bedroom door on two people who are obviously smoldering hot for each other. If the readers want to know what goes on behind the “Do Not Disturb” tag, let them use their imaginations. And if they don’t have any, there’ll still be plenty of erotica out there as long as there’s the Internet. Or whatever comes next.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much Mary for popping in and commenting. I am so with you. Although, I do write in the sex scenes, I rarely get vulgar and the times I have had been encouraged by an editor who wanted my work hotter.

    When reading, I tend to skip over multiple sex scenes because as you said, it’s the same thing over and over. And I like to use my imagination. Call me old fashioned but when someone say’s “He fucked her with deep pounding rhythm” I get turned off. I’m not a prude by any means. But when it comes to a story, I want a story. Not porn. When I’m in the mood for porn I watch it, or read it, but I like the choice and the difference between the two.

    I’ve been told so many times that the reason why readers chose an ebook is because they can chose the erotic novels and read them without anyone knowing. Why? Because they’re embarrassed about what they’re reading. I don’t want my readers embarrassed to show they read my work in public. I want them to openly say they’re reading a Shiela Stewart novel.

  3. Megan Oliphant

    I agree. with you both. I want to be able to enjoy the romance. That’s why I read them. I have a hot hubby if I want to explore something interesting.

    I like all types of stories, but I start to skip pages when it gets to sex scenes, because for me, reading every ‘in and out’ doesn’t move the action forward. Intimacy does, and a connection that is beyond just the physical.

    Amen, sista!

  4. You nailed it right on the head, Meagan. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  5. Michael Bingamon

    I’ll play devil’s advocate on this and confess to my interest in erotica. If you’re going to write about adult relationships a vivid depiction of the characters endeavors serves a purpose. It is in those scenes that the reader should learn something new about the characters; during sex we are our most vulnerable and honest, the reader has a real chance to experience that if a new trait about a character is revealed.

    Erotica is like anything else; there are expectations. When you read a book about the supernatural you do so because you expect certain types of characters, settings and moods.
    Those who read erotica know they’re going to get similar descriptions for the same acts, but its how the story gets there and what it does with that matters.

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