6 – Out of the Frying Pan; Into His Arms

Out of the Frying Pan; Into His Arms
Genre – Contemporary
Words – 428

I tell you this up front. I normally do not eat fried eggs. I have been able to handle them on occasion. This was the occasion. The waiter could be described as tall, five eleven-ish, maybe. He had blue green eyes and a square jaw and the most adoring smile. What the hell was he doing here? Why wasn’t he modeling or letting America see him on the boob-tube? Seriously?

Would I like to try what? Fried eggs and sauerkraut? His grin told me right away he was joking, and yet, for the first time ever, fried eggs- however they were doctored would taste like chocolate. My inner being began to scream that I wasn’t exactly thinking correctly. Only a dog would eat such a thing, joke or no-joke.

I laughed and told him that they should ban him from the kitchen as his smile was too perfect and his sense of humor alarming. Then I asked him why he wasn’t a model or in a soap opera. He chuckled and told me about the ineptitude of his last and final go with a modeling agent.

Would it be too much to get a phone number with the bill? I had asked later, after eating fried eggs for the first time in years. I had asked for Polish sausage to be added to the sauerkraut, and had taken him up on the joke. I think I won points with him for that.

I had known the moment he set the meal on my table that I was going to have a hard time eating it, but it had been well worth it. I could see us 25 years later; watching a chipmunk cross the road as our car swerved to miss it. As he placed the bill on the table upside down, I smiled.

I flipped the bill over and looked at the charges. Fried eggs and sauerkraut $4.99. Coffee, $1.69, and written underneath was his phone number and the name, ‘Yours -if- you- call. Priceless. I knew that he was the one. Wouldn’t you?

When I tried to pay, he told me it was his treat. I grinned at him and told what a treat he really was. Corny, you say? Nah, it was, by far, the best meal ever and the best way to meet the one that I am walking down the isle with today. I just wanted to share the quick version with you. I hope you can be as lucky as I was. Cheers to fried eggs and sauerkraut and cheers to us!

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April Dawn -Author of Crushing Desire and
Bound by Love available now through Breathless Press.


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