The Armor makes the Man. Part 1

Nothing in my mind screams alpha male more than a Knight in shining armor. Just seeing a sexy knight on the cover of a romance novel is sometimes reason enough for me to pick it up. And those scenes where our Heroine is helping our hero out his is armor into a nice warm bath…. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway I digress.

So here is a little information to get those of you wanting to write about knights, but uncertain where to start, a stepping off point.

Let start with the basics.

There are three major armor types. (Yes historians will say there are more but let’s keep this simple)

Leather- name says it all. Armor made of Leather, sometimes it would have pieces of metal sewn onto it, its commonly believed that leather Armor was boiled to give it some hardness. There is debate about weather it might have been boiled in other things like wax or even fat. Leather fit well to the body but didn’t hold up to well in a battle. But unlike the other two armors it’s was relatively quiet and did offer an advantage when a sneak attack was needed. It was still better then nothing and I am sure a fine strapping hero would look mighty sexy in leather Armor.

Mail Armor- Mail has been around since the discovery of iron and steel. Mail is made up of single or multiple rings that are interlinked to create and article of clothing. Mail also known as Chain mail (though not until the 1800’s if you want to be historically correct) could be worn under most items of cloths or over them. It’s a sturdy garment that took a beating. It allowed for good flexibility and was easy to get. It was however much heavier then the leather armor and as stated before it was loud, just think of what it sounds like when you wear several bracelets at once.

Plate Armor- is as its name says, Plates of metal and steel that were riveted or tied together to allow for a great deal of protection. And Protect it did no armor in the middle ages offered more protection against the weapons at the time. It did however have its faults areas under the arm or parts of the neck could be exposed so sometimes a knight would wear Chain mail as added protection. Unfortunately plate mail is heavy and cumbersome. It required the help of a squire to get it on and off. Also imagine being on the battleground in a tin can. It was hot and hard to move in. A knight would also have to have a heavy purse to purchase a good set of Armor. It had to be fit to the body well to enable the man to move. This was also the noisiest of the armors, much like silver wear clanking together only on a larger scale.

Okay I know it’s a short and sweet blog but I will go more into depth about the armor next week. Until then happy writing.


2 responses to “The Armor makes the Man. Part 1

  1. Dominique, I don’t show up often enough, but I always learn the most interesting things when I do! I can’t imagine the strength it must have taken for a man to fight in plate armor. Those warm, soothing baths afterwards are things sighs are made of. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me.

    • dominiqueeastwick

      I am glad it is interesting.. I alway worry that its pretty boring to most. 🙂 Yes its those baths and sweaty muscles that keep me dreaming 🙂 Thanks as always Margie for stopping by.

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