Sex Sells

Last week I talked about sweet sensual romance. This week I’m talking trash…well, erotic. LOL

I see it everywhere I go on-line. Erotic romance is the new wave. Personally, I don’t read them, but I am curious and must admit I am a little interested in writing it. So much so, I had an erotic romance series pop into my head over the weekend.  It’s a series about a matchmaking service dedicated to finding your compatible sexual mate.  I’ve already started writing the first one and who knows where it will go. With me, there is always more. LOL

So I thought for my post this week I would ask those out there what they like in an erotic novel?

Do you read it for the sex? Do you read it for the storyline? Are you curious what kinds of sexual situations the characters will get themselves into?

And let’s take a step further. What about Bondage romance.  Do you read it? What is it about BDSM that draws you in?

And for the erotic writers out there. What draws you in to writing erotic romance?

Sex sells, there is no doubt about that and apparently in ebooks it does quiet well. So here’s another question for you all. Do you think there is too much sex in books these days? What about TV shows, movies and commercials?

I’m curious to hear what you all have to say. Enquiry minds want to know. 🙂

Shiela Stewart


9 responses to “Sex Sells

  1. For me vicarious fun. I love smut for what it is smut. It has a good storyline….sometimes. Bondage I’ve only read 2 stories both mild situations. But sometimes you read a sexy story and think I wish I could let go like that but can you really twist like that. lol

  2. I like erotica but I have to have a story line. I can’t stand it when it is just sex for sex sake. But I can get into the graphic sexual stories if there is a good character connection.


  3. Hi R. Tianna,

    Thanks for popping in.

    LOL, on the twisting. There are just some positions the body shouldn’t be made to contort into.

  4. Hey Margie!!

    Yeah, I’m the same way. I need a storyline to keep me interested. And the characters really have to pull at me.

    Thanks for popping in. 🙂

  5. dominiqueeastwick

    I think that when I have been too sexed out by whats out there, to read or to watch I just turn on something else. I can always pick up a sweet romance or turn my tv to the hallmark channel 🙂

    But I think its just that we are finally getting what we all wnat LOL

  6. Hi Dominique!

    Yeah, it is nice to be able to chose what you want and know there is a wide variety out there to chose from.

  7. Hello,

    I guess you could call me an erotica writer since my books have erotica in them. To be quite honest I had Anne McCaffrey sex scenes when I first wrote the series. You know…the kind where the camera pans away to the clouds and you know they ‘did it’.

    Nearly all my test readers told me I was disappointing them by not writing in the sex scenes. The book has a semi-sexual underlying theme anyway so I rewrote the sex scenes and made them as descriptive as the rest of the book. They loved it and felt it was a good addition.

    So… popular demand would be my answer.

    As far as how frequent they are… I sprinkled them throughout like another writer would the fighting scenes. Because I write fantasy with erotic/romantic elements I had to balance the fight scenes with the sex. How much of each was too much? Where could I add a fight scene or sex scene to make the story more dynamic? Did this help the story move forward?

    Hope that helps some,

  8. Hi Elisabeth,

    See, I’ve always had descriptive sex scenes in my novels. And I’ve been told that my sex scenes are great. Hmmmm….maybe I’ve been an eroti writer all along. LOL

  9. Maybe at heart… And what’s in the heart eventually gets recognized. 😉

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