Have a Romantic Easter

Since Easter is this coming weekend, I thought I would do a post about romance at Easter time. Now, most people think the only romantic holiday is Valentine’s Day but that’s not entirely true. Think about it. All that chocolate? What woman doesn’t love chocolate and it can be very romantic and sexy if used the right way. 😉

But there are other ways to make this holiday a romantic one and I’m going to share them with you now. Plus, as an added bonus, I’ve found the top ten ways to propose using Easter as a theme. I love some of these ideas and I hope you all get a kick out of them as well.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt.
    Setup the hunt the night before. If you have kids, you may want to do the hunt in your bedroom. Fill the eggs with love notes, chocolates, and a few small romantic gifts. Jewelry is always nice.
  2. Egg-stra Special Love Notes.
    Wrap paper messages around chocolate eggs with ‘egg’ quotes such as: “You are egg-stra special to me”, “You egg-cite me!”, or “You’re an egg-stremely great wife/husband.”
  3. Dye Easter Eggs.
    If you like boiled eggs (or even if you don’t), dye Easter Eggs together. This is a fun activity that even adults can enjoy! If you get a white crayon, take the time to write romantic love messages on the eggs before you dye them. As you dye them, the messages will magically appear!
  4. Easter Lilies
    Surprise her with a room filled with potted Easter Lillies. They’re gorgeous, in bloom, and easy to care for. Make sure to add a card letting her know that your love is a pure as the white fragrant blooms.
  5. Easter Love Coupons.
    Fill those plastic Easter Eggs with bunches of love coupons for your partner to redeem during the remainder of April.
  6. Easter Egg Time Capsule.
    Create your own Easter memories. Each year, fill a plastic Easter Egg (you may want to buy the larger novelty ones) with notes and mementos of your relationship for the past year. Or, use your Easter Egg time capsule to record your feelings for your partner on that particular day. Each year, look back on your previous notes and include a new one.
  7. Aphrodisiac Easter Basket.
    Fill an Easter Basket completely full of various chocolates. You may want to include a few sexy love notes with suggestions for the night to come.
  8. Sexy Easter Basket.
    Most definitely not a basket for kids. Fill an Easter Basket full of sexy gifts such as massage oils, an intimate game, or edible underwear(yes, they make them in chocolate). You’ll definitely be hopping in the bedroom tonight.
  9. Easter Picnic
    This is a common suggestion, but not many couples actually take advantage of it! Pack a picnic lunch with Easter traditional’s like ham, plus a bottle of wine. Head out to your local park, snag a shady spot under a tree and prepare yourself for an afternoon of romance.

10. Easter Proposal.
Thinking about popping the question? Why not make it a romantic Easter proposal? Sure, you don’t usually think Easter when you think of proposals, but there are many creative and romantic Easter ideas for proposing marriage.

Here is a list of Top ten ways to propose on Easter.

1: Take her on an Easter Egg Hunt. You call fill plastic eggs with clues to the final egg that holds the ring or you can just hide several eggs with candy and one with the ring. When she finds the egg that contains the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

2: Give her an Easter basket with the ring in one of the eggs. Similar to the egg hunt, but without the hunt. When she opens the egg with the ring, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

3: Write the words “Will you marry me” each on a separate egg and make her find them. When she’s collected all of the eggs and read your message, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

4: Write the words “Will you marry me?” on a boiled egg with a white crayon. When you dye eggs together, your message will appear on the special egg!

5: Give her a hollowed chocolate bunny. Break a small hole into one of the corners and slip the ring inside for the surprise of a lifetime.

6: Give her a stuffed Easter bunny with the ring tied around it’s neck with a ribbon. When she notices the ring, ask her to give you the honor of her hand in marriage.

7: Take her to your local mall and have a photo of the two of you taken with the Easter Bunny. While the photo is being taken, get down on one knee and propose. You’ll have a great photo of the special day and she’ll be completely surprised.

8: Give her a small basket filled with small egg shaped chocolates. Put the ring around one of the small eggs for her to find as she’s eating her sweet treats. When she finds it, tell her that she’s sweeter than candy and ask for her hand in marriage.

9: Take her out for Easter brunch and have the waiter bring the ring out as a surprise. When the waiter brings the ring out, get down on one knee and propose.

10: Make Jello Jigglers in the shape of Easter eggs (you can order a mold from the Jello website) and put the ring in one of the Jigglers.

Happy Easter everyone. May it be a romantic one. 🙂

Shiela Stewart


One response to “Have a Romantic Easter

  1. Super cute ideas! I love them!

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