Excerpt – I Loved a Highland Zombie by Rocco Lavender

I Loved a Highland Zombie, by Rocco Lavender

Blurb –

Life is beautiful. Tish Devereux is enjoying another day at the coffee syrup plant, when she tumbles into a crate of Irish Cream and is shipped to Edinburgh, Scotland. Discovered by an indifferent manservant, she is forced out into the cold Highland night without return postage.

Haggis O’Shea is finally resting peacefully, his body beginning the sweet serenity of decay. At least until Tish comes along. While fighting off the beasts which threaten her, he gets a whiff of creamer, and he can’t help feel the fluttering in his heretofore not beating heart.

Excerpt –

Tish ran. The hounds snarled. She couldn’t breath. Her heaving bosom jiggled and bounced with the exertion. On her heels now, they would get her, on her heels. Something caught her shoe. She stumbled.
“Dear me. Won’t anyone help?” Her shoe came off. She ran, kicked her heel. Her other shoe dislodged. “Oh, if only I’d listened to my father when he’d said not to get into the coffee business.”
Live by the coffee, die by the coffee, her father’d always said.
Her legs wobbled, and as they were just about to give out, the earth rumbled at her feet. A decaying arm shot free of the surface, running with blood and puss, yet so strong. A bicep followed it, muscular, sexy, filled with green goo.
Tish tumbled to the ground and flipped around to face the plot of earth from which the decaying flesh continued to exhume itself. The hounds that had been on her heels seemed far more interested in the delicious corpse than the fresh and fleeing woman they’d been chasing, and they turned on him, pulling at his arms and legs.
Wouldn’t anyone save him?
He turned to look at her, face covered in dirt, and winked.
“Ach.” He threw the dogs from his arms. Battle had begun.
Tish couldn’t help but wonder, as she watched his battling muscles bulge what it would be like to have them wrapped around her in a passionate embrace. She would have him. If he survived this fight with all his limbs in tact, she would be in his arms by nightfall.
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Ava Delany
The Solder’s Return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding Night. Also watch for the Fetish Club series.


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