Time: Is There Ever Enough?

Okay, so I did one of my dumb blonde moves, and I’m not even a blonde. And for those blondes out there, I still love ya. LOL
This post was supposed to go live last week, but somehow…somehow…it didn’t because I forgot to simply publish it. Yeah, really, really smart move, huh?
So here is my post once again. I probably forgot to mention I’m technologically challenged. So any problems I can’t explain, it was the computer’s fault. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂
I’ve been so happy to be blogging every week at A History of Romance. I try to be a good little blogger and post my blogs a few weeks in advance, but this week, I came in just under the wire if you’ll pardon the cliché.
That’s not like me at all. I’ve been working very hard at not procrastinating, since it can get me into some trouble. However, with a five-day workweek, writing and other commitments, it’s been difficult to stay on task.
I honestly didn’t have a clue what I’d blog about until I sat down and just started typing. Time’s been on the forefront of my mind. I’m working so much, (with a workload that keeps getting bigger), singing, (the Easter holiday approaches), and writing, (this book won’t finish itself.) My mind’s a jumble of thoughts, ideas and tasks. I feel like the little engine that could is running out of steam. *g*
I want to accomplish as much as possible in the twenty-four hours I’m afforded each day, (wishing I didn’t need sleep of course, and food? Ha, uh, my fellow super human beings of the world, we can sustain ourselves with pure mental strength). LOL
Therefore, if you’re pressed for time as I am, here are some tips to help you not go too crazy. These are some things I do to remain organized while plowing through the chaos that is my life. I’m expanding somewhat on the blog Tabitha Blake posted earlier this week on how she uses a schedule to help get her through her week. That’s not something I do personally. I use lists to help keep me organized among other methods which I share below.
Keep a calendar or date book on your person and near your writing space. I always have a calendar handy. It helps keep me focused as to what needs to be done each week. I have annual goals that I break down by weeks and then into days. It’s easy for me to see the big picture
Have a note-taking device or pen and paper close by. Who knows when you’ll have an idea for the next bestseller, or when your boss will call you with an important assignment. So it’s best to be prepared.
Make to-do lists. Some of you are probably shaking your heads if they’re not spinning already, but making lists for writing, shopping, even lists within lists works. I don’t throw anything away or delete any kernel of an idea that I jot down, because who knows when it might come in handy.
Wake up early or stay up late to help take items off your to-do list. I don’t care how exhausted I am, I write at least a page a day. And when I don’t, it’s rare. I’m a night owl. I get a lot done when my house is quiet and there aren’t any interruptions. If you’re an early bird, more power to you. *g* Seriously though, if you think you don’t have any extra time, make it. You’ll be surprised what freeing up five minutes can do for your creativity, (and sometimes, in my case, my sanity). *g*
Relax and reward yourself! Be sure to take time for you too. That is important. Stay healthy; eat right, exercise. Go get a manicure or pedicure, a facial or massage. Go to the movies or lunch with a close friend or two. Read a book. Your mind and body need a breather. Going non-stop will only make you feel tired and stressed out, which in the end, won’t allow you to achieve all your goals/deadlines, whether they’re yours or someone else’s.
Have a strong support system. This is my last point, but it certainly isn’t the least important. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with time management. I have many people who add a sense of fullness to my life. Family and friends, (both ones I’ve never met and those in person), enrich my life by doing more for me than I could even begin to express. They’ve all made me the person I am by their support. Whether it’s my critique partner encouraging me to keep pushing forward with a particular project, or a family member pulling me from my cave and dragging me out for a drive or something fun. All these people are my biggest cheerleaders. They hold me up when I want to fall, and push me on when I want to give up. They help me live day-to-day, help me manage my time and take the twists and turns life throws me.
I have several techniques that assist me in managing my time effectively. Maybe some of these tips will help you too. Or, perhaps you have your own methods for achieving your goals and meeting your deadlines. If so, I’d love to hear them!


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