* Smack *

First, which ever spring holiday you are celebrating, I wish you health and happiness.

With my manuscript finished and off to the editors, I decided to enter some contests. Of course I wanted to win but I also wanted confirmation that I was in the right direction. I expected changes and differences in opinion. I also felt confident.

This week I received the results from several contests I entered. They were mixed, not only across the contests but also across judges within the same contests. There were some really high scores while others were moderate. Honestly, there were no low scores. It was curious that sections some judges really liked other judges thought lacked luster (all the judges were gentle and kind). This ran the gamut from grammar, point of view, voice, characterization, to plot. There were also mixed feelings whether the story was a page turner. Some judges wanted to read more while others, sadly, mentioned they were not at all drawn in. *sigh.*

The good news is while the judging was going on I kept re-writing. Some of the things they pointed out, whether technical or craft I’d already addressed. That was satisfying. But I realized there was no way to satisfy all the judges. That’s when I took it a step further. There is no way to satisfy all the agents, all the editors, or all the readers. Hopefully, I will click with the one special agent, editor, group of readers that will enjoy my story.

Discouraged? Not at all. You just have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince (agent, editor, reader).

Ruth Seitelman


3 responses to “* Smack *

  1. Thats right don’t give up…and you are right you can’t possibly satify everyone. 🙂

    Happy rewriting

  2. You are absoloutely correct. We won’t please them all: readers, editors, and agents. And to think we will is just setting ourselves up for more hurt and pain.
    Thank you for this post, it really helped me see the light!

  3. I think it is my female drive to please that gets in the way.Even in my day job, I am my work. I am finding it easier to accept the comments detached from my personal feelings. I have made great strides but every so often I back slide. Old habits and thought patterns are so hard to break.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    … Ruth

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