Complete blank

I must apologize to you all. I have absolutely nothing to blog about today. The past week I’ve been struck hard by my fibromyalgia which has left me fatigued and in severe pain. Typing is painful. And on top of that, I have a migraine. My brain is just not functioning.

So again, I apologize for not having anything worth reading this week.


4 responses to “Complete blank

  1. You rest up. I totally understand about the migraines. I suffer from them as well. I’ve tried every type of pill going and nothing works.

  2. I hope you start feeling better very soon. My sister has fibromyalgia, so I know how it affects the body. Once again, I hope you feel better soon. Patsy

  3. Hi Brenda!

    Yeah, I’ve been on every pill available for migraines and nothing has helped.

    Have you tired any preventatives? I’ve been on several and none of them have helped.

  4. Thanks Patsy!

    Yeah, Fibro is not fun at all. Just getting out of bed is tough but laying in bed hurts. It’s a no win situation.

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