Spring Fever

It’s April now. Easter has gone by, and the weather has turned warmer, at least here in Massachusetts, where we’re expecting eighty-degree temperatures today.

Oops, sorry, got sidetracked… I didn’t mean to turn this into a weather report.

As I was saying, it’s April now. The first official day of spring is sometime in March, but to me it never quite feels like spring until the weather is warmer, flowers start to bloom, and I can see little buds on the trees. Which I can now, thanks to a whole lotta rain followed by warm weather, so I guess I can say it’s spring now.

Spring, traditionally the season of spring fever, falling in love, weddings, all that stuff. I guess this year I’m feeding into that, since my own wedding is now a week and a half away. Still, I have to wonder a bit why that became the tradition, and whether I should break it in my writing.

I don’t like doing things the way “everyone does it.” For a long time growing up, I tried to fit in with everyone else and failed miserably, so I learned to embrace not fitting in. Not that I try to be way out there. I just don’t worry too much if what I’m doing, saying, writing, etc. doesn’t match what everyone else is doing.

So even though weddings traditionally happen in spring or summer, and in fact my publisher Pink Petal Books will be holding a wedding promotion during May and June to celebrate that (details will be available on their website, but I’ll tell you it’ll involve new stories from some of your favorite PPB authors, myself included), I’d kind of like to write a wedding that happens in the dead of winter. Or fall. One in which the bride wears a nice blue evening gown and the groom wears his most comfortable clothes. Just because I’m the writer, and I can do that.

Yes, as I mentioned, my own wedding will be a spring event, so in real life I’m going along with tradition. There are a few reasons for that. When my fiance proposed, back in September, I was waiting for very necessary surgery and feeling like crud most of the time. Obviously that wasn’t the time to think about getting married. He decided he wanted an actual ceremony with guests and stuff, and since this is his first–and only!–wedding, I capitulated, which meant we needed time to plan. During the winter, money’s tighter for us since his job is seasonal, though he does get paid a year-round salary. He just earns extras during the season. And since his job is seasonal, he wouldn’t have been able to take time off for our honeymoon between May 1 and October. He didn’t want to wait till next fall, so here we are, getting married in April.

If I ever write about it, though, I think I’ll make it a nice January wedding. Something to break up the doldrums of winter. And even though in real life I’m wearing a white wedding gown and he’s wearing a tux, I think if Iwrite about it, I’ll write myself wearing that blue evening gown I mentioned and him wearing the clothes he wears when we go dancing, which are way sexier than any tux.

I think probably spring has become the time “when a young man’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love” or whatever that quote is, when new relationships form and weddings happen, because spring is considered a time of new beginnings. Plants wake up after slumbering for the winter, hibernating animals come out of their hidey-holes, and so on. So it does make sense that spring is thought of that way.

Which doesn’t mean I’m going to write it that way.


One response to “Spring Fever

  1. I am sure that even though the timing may be traditional, but I am sure that you will put your own unique and creative spin on it. Good luck with the wedding and your writing.

    Best Wishes,

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