The Dreaded Wait

     I finally took the plunge and put myself out there in the publishing world. I few months ago I wrote a short story for the writing class I am currently taking. My instructor loved it and praised me on how heart felt the story was. So I figured I would see what my crit partners thought. They all encouraged me to try and get it published. I worked with my crit partners to get it as polished a possible. Excitement over the reaction to my story gave me the strength to try my hand in the publishing world.

     I was overjoyed and my confidence was huge. I knew I could do this and my worry of the dreaded no was nowhere to be found. I had to wait two weeks before I could submit. I counted down the days. Everyday that passed was one more day closer to my dream of being able to say I’d had one of my stories published. It was all I could think about.

     Then the day came to submit my story and doubt crept in. It was a foreboding feeling I wasn’t expecting. I found myself procrastinating. I was doing everything I could to find a reason to do it later. All that excitement was no where to be found. Only the evil little voice, “What are you going to do if they say no? You will have to tell everyone and feel the shame of failing.”

     Finally I went to my computer and opened the Glimmer Train website and stared at the screen. This was it. This was my big moment. I reached deep down for the strength I needed to open myself to the dreaded no. I downloaded my story and paused as I reached for the mouse to hit the submit button. I looked over, my hand was shaking and my heart was racing. With a deep breath I hit the little red button that would leave me open to defeat.

     I have encouraged many a crit partner not to worry. They would be fine. I’ve told them I believe in you and your writing. But here I sat with no faith in myself. Now I realize, telling another writers not to worry is easier said than done. It’s a really weird feeling to be able to believe in others but not in yourself.

     Now the really hard part is set in motion. The waiting and wondering. I asked some of my published writing friends how they deal with the waiting. I was hoping for a miracle cure. Take two aspirin and call me when you’ve made a decision. Yeah right. But there isn’t one, you just have to keep busy and carry on. Here are some quotes from published authors I crit with.


“Write another story. And for God’s sake don’t sit on your e-mail like a lost puppy. *easier said than done”

Catherine Bybee

 “There is a terrible, hollow dread after submitting, an uneasy anticipatory void. The trick is to fill it as quickly and completely as you can. Count on rejections. Scout the terrain. Find your next victim, er, potential publisher. And for the gods’ sakes, work on your next project while you wait.”

Angel Martinez

“I write. Nothing gets your mind off the numbing fear of submissions better than engrossing yourself in the next story. (Or the editing of another completed story.)”

April Dawn
Crushing Desire and Bound by Love

“Keep writing.”

Annie Nicholas

 Happy Reading and Writing.


Tabitha Blake



2 responses to “The Dreaded Wait

  1. Congradulations, Tabitha for taking the plunge. You have inspired me to take the plunge with you, lol. I have written a short romance, ran it through a crit group, revised, ran it through the group again. I have chosen the magazine I will submit to. Written the cover letter, placed all in the big brown envelope, addressed it, but it is still sitting on my kitchen table.
    Fear grabbed me hard. Each day that passes, I say I will mail it………weeks have passed and still it sits, but today, I’m stopping in at the Post Office and mailing that sucker!!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • I’m glad I was able to inspire you. It is a painful and agonizing wait but it’s also a lesson all writers have to learn. I have stayed busy with my writing, with the hope
      I can push through till I get an answer. I am so glad you are going to try to get your work published. Hang in there and push towards your dreams.

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