Where did the week go, for us I can tell you it went by in a haze of Allergy medicine… with Pollen so bad that the sky looked like nuclear fallout. Three sets of Visitors, first my parents, then my sister, followed at the end by my In-laws. In-between we had first week back from Spring break, tae kwon do, guitar lessons, orthodontist, staff meetings, doula outings, birth classes to talk at, house to clean and laundry to be done. Ohhh and a puppy to be walked, trained and fed.

That’s where my week went. In that busy week I have not done any reading, researching or writing. I have barely had time to think… I am sleep deprived from getting up every night at 3 with the puppy and I am feeling like I have a new baby in the house.

So for that reason I have not gotten anything else done today, I will continue my series on Armor next week.

So tell me did anyone else have a crazy week?


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