Monday Madness!

Time to announce the winner of our last Monday Madness! And the winner is…

Cassie Exline

Congratulations on winning. Please watch for the email. Thanks to everyone for their entries.

And now for some more fun…
As always, you must be 18 to enter.

Today we have our April grab bag with lots of fun goodies.

Comment and be entered to win. Tell us what you love about romance novels (and you may be quoted in a future A History post).

Good luck to everyone.

Contest runs until next Saturday, midnight. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner on our next contest coming next week for Monday Madness.

April Dawn -Author of Crushing Desire and
Bound by Love available now through Breathless Press.


4 responses to “Monday Madness!

  1. I love the possibilties in romance. I mean the heroine is subjected to rejection, abuse or misuse but still she overcomes it all and still believes in love. You just have to love a HEA.

  2. I read to “escape” the bordom in my life, but I don’t want to be depressed after reading a book. So, the main thing I love romance novels for is the Happily-Ever-After.

  3. Anna Shah Hoque

    The best thing about romantic fiction is the HEA…I love slipping into a story and knowing that I can leave my troubles behind and be guaranteed a positive ending.

  4. I read as an escape from normal life. When I need a break from stress or worry, I pick up a book. Imagining the possibility of having a man like those in my life is fun. Since about 75% of my reading is paranormal romance or sci-fi, I’m well aware that I will never experience those things in my life. But they sure do keep me entertained on all the long lonely nights in life.
    The thing that I like best in books is the happy ending. Be that the couple living happily ever after or the ultimate defeat of the “bad guy”. And if they can make me laugh along the way, even better. The best reads are ones with well written humor interspersed through the story.

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