Knight at Knuckle Draggers Excerpt

Knight at Knuckle Draggers I hope you enjoy this fabulous excerpt

Beth had thought it would be romantic to surprise Brad after his month-long business trip to London. She wondered why she even cared about pleasing him. Never had he thought about her or her needs. His incessant teasing about her prudish ways annoyed her. He’d spent the majority of their relationship goading her into expanding her sexual experiences, often in ways which only pleasured him. A deep sadness washed over her while she recalled Brad’s selfishness. She wanted to feel the sexual ecstasy her girlfriends spoke of, to abandon herself to physical indulgences, not care if it made her a slut, a whore, a freak. Her girlfriends made it sound so easy. Beth had wondered more than once if something was wrong with her. Why couldn’t she enjoy herself and let go. Just once, she yearned to give in to the pleasure and not care what anyone thought.

Wrong with her? Why couldn’t she have seen it before? It was as obvious as the nose on her face. She wanted her own fairytale—the knight coming to her rescue to protect and honor her. Most importantly she wanted to live happily ever after. Beth was a romance junkie from the word “go” and had been a source of amusement for her friends. Shy and bookish, she preferred to get her experiences through the pages of her romance novels. The heroes in those stories fueled her imagination and her fantasies. She knew she needed to bridge the gap from fantasy to reality and bring forth the lust and desires she felt when she read about her favorite characters. Unlike what her friends thought, she did not live in a fantasy world. Beth knew that happily-ever-after was a rare occurrence, and there weren’t any knight’s waiting to rescue a fair damsel in distress, but she could dream

Over the weeks while Brad had been gone, Beth decided to use their phone conversations to tear down her sexual hang-ups and even began to get into the sexual fantasies they’d discussed. One such fantasy entailed Beth, clad in a trench coat, a smile, poised and ready to service Brad in any number of ways. She envisioned herself in the coat and black stiletto heels standing at his door, awaiting him to answer more than just the call of the doorbell. Every time she

would start to picture the scene, a smile would play across her face at the shock she would create.

As she drove to work, she happened past Naughty Nan’s and caught sight of a sexy black number in the window. She knew it had to be a sign. On her second time around the block, she found a parking spot close to the store, but it took her several passes of walking by before she built enough nerve to go inside. Each time she approached the door, she felt as though the pedestrians condemned her as a whore and she’d feign off at the last moment. It took a deep breath, and sudden burst of courage before she managed to push the heavy entry door open.

The store smelled of strawberries and roses, which strangely reminded her of those card stores full of odd collectibles. Beth gave the store a quick scan looking for the negligee from the window display, but couldn’t see it anywhere. Amazement befell her as she took in everything the boutique had to offer. She had no idea so many sexual aids and toys existed. Her gaze kept wandering to the far wall. Whips. All sorts of whips and paddles hung from pegboard, awaiting the arrival of master or mistress. She could almost feel the leather of the riding crop in her hands. Biting down on her lower lip, she stepped toward the display, reached out and, with a measured touch, stroked the cool leather handle. A smile crept into the corners of her mouth despite her attempts to remain neutral. It felt good, felt right. She grasped the woven leather handle and swished it through the air a few times.

“Oh, honey. Nice choice. I’m partial to the cat o’nine tails myself, but that one is a good starter whip,” the woman behind the counter said. The sales girl seemed to know more than just a little about S&M. She was tall and carried a few extra pounds, but they were in all the right places. The extra weight softened her masculine angular facial features. Her skin, hair and bone structure harkened to a Native American heritage. She appeared to be the type that would cut just as soon as kiss you. Beth was more than a little afraid of her. Her nametag announced her name to be Mistress Tawnee.

“No, no, I was just…um, looking and wondered what it felt like, Miss…Tawnee.” Beth just could not bring herself to call the woman Mistress.

“That one has a nice sting to it, but not too bad. You won’t hurt yourself with that one.”

“No… Oh God no. I meant I wanted to know if it were leather or vinyl, not what it felt like to be hit with it.” She could feel the blood rush to her face and the sudden desire to disappear jumped to mind.

“Nothing to be ashamed of hon. It ain’t a crime to like being spanked. You should try it. Who knows? You might like it. You look like you could use some loosening up.” She gave Beth a knowing wink.

Oh my God! I so don’t want to be having this conversation. Hell, I don’t even want to be here.

“Actually, I came in to get the black lace outfit in the window, but I don’t seem to see it.”

“Well, it helps when you are actually in the clothing section and not the toys.” Amusement played across Mistress Tawnee’s face as she sauntered over to the negligees. “You look like a medium,” she commented while she sorted through the rack looking for the right size. “Lucky you, this is our last medium!” She dangled it on her finger. It swayed back and forth, taunting her in a way, daring Beth to take it. “Go ahead honey, it won’t bite you. I promise.” The sales girl traced an X over her heart.

At first, she thought the girl picked up the wrong outfit. She had wanted the sexy little number in the window, but this one consisted of mesh and leather with small silver studs. No way could she wear that! It was…too racy. It screamed naughty biker chick or exotic dancer. It was everything Beth wasn’t.

It was…perfect!

Thanks Margie for sharing this yummy excerpt. I always love a taste of a great new novel.

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Ava Delany
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Also watch for the Fetish Club series – Captivated May 14, Dominated June 11, and Fallen August 6.


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