Just for Fun

I had a really busy weekend but a great Mother’s Day. I hope all you moms out there did too. Therefore, this week I thought we would just have some fun. I found some fun little quizzes and trivia for you. The first few are for the paranormal lovers out there and the second half for the historical fans. I hope you enjoy them. Next week I will tackle something a little more serious. What that is hasn’t come to me but it will.

Paranormal Quizzes:

Lords of the Underworld Quiz (Which Lord is Perfect for You)


Which Immortal Is Your Soul Mate?


Black Dagger Brothers Quiz


Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Trivia


Vampire History Quiz


Shifter Trivia


Historical Quizzes:

What Regency Heroine Are You?


Which Austen Heroine Are You?


Which Literary Heroine Are You?


Georgian Costumes: Regency to Romantic Quiz


Historical Romance  Writing Formula Quiz


Happy Reading and Writing,

Tabitha Blake


One response to “Just for Fun

  1. Tabitha Blake

    Well I took a few of the quizzes and here are my results.

    Which Immortal is Your Soul Mate?
    Your ideal hero is Darius, from Immortals: The Darkening by Robin T. Popp (6/07)
    Darius has spent centuries training for the ultimate battle. He is as disciplined as he is driven and only a woman of strength and deep passion will be able to make him lose control and fall in love.

    Which Sexy Lord of the under World is Best Suited for You?
    As a charming, fun-loving and confident woman, you tend to be attracted to men who share your zest for life and aren’t afraid to be bold and adventurous. But mostly, you can’t help but be turned on by someone who has a charismatic sense of humor coupled with a tantalizing smile and a complete lack of fear! And really, who can blame you? Undoubtedly, your Lord of choice is the super-sexy and very outgoing Strider, Keeper of Defeat. More than capable of fulfilling your every need (and I mean every), this mouthwatering Lord will keep you laughing and entertained at all times. As long as you don’t beat him at, well, anything! Though his curse may cause him to be overly competitive on occasion, there’s no doubt that this sexy Lord is your best match, for you’ll bring out the best in each other!

    Vampire History Quiz:
    Scored: 114

    Tabitha Blake

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