Kidnapped Chapter 4/adult

Here is the next chapter in my Contemporary Comedy, Kidnapped. A bit of interesting information about Kidnapped. The book you are reading is not the original. For the most part its the same as the first draft I wrote but after submitting it I was asked to make some major changes. One of which was the scene below with the Betty Rubble character. Originally he was a meek, mild-mannered lady’s man who was a little…well to put it bluntly, dimwitted. To add some suspense and to make it seem more like a real life situation, my editor suggested I add in a rape scene. I refused but did add in him assaulting her. Do I regret changing so much of my book? Yes. But at the time I was a new author and I thought by arguing my point that the publisher would terminate my contract. Word of advice to all those newbies out there. yes, editors can suggest making changes to your books but if you don’t feel comfortable in the direction they want you to take it, speak up. It is after all, your book.

Now, on to Chapter 4.


Tossing his mask on the counter, Mac set the plate in the dishwasher, then grabbed the towel hanging by the sink. Walking to the fridge, he grabbed the bag of ice from the freezer, set it on the counter, then grabbed a knife to open it.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting some ice.” His jaw began to throb now. Who would have thought the woman could pack such a hardy punch?


Grabbing a handful of ice, Mac wrapped it in a towel then laid it on his chin. “She clipped me.”

“What?” His blue eyes lifted to Mac’s with surprise.

“She clipped me, right in the jaw. It wasn’t much of a punch, but enough that I think it might bruise.”

“She punched you?”

“I think I said yes.”

“Shit. What did you do to her for that?”

Lifting his brow, Mac responded calmly. “I tied her up and left her sitting in the chair.”

“You didn’t hit her back?”

“No,” Mac said, aghast. “Jesus, I don’t hit women.”

“Oh come on, you’re telling me you’ve never hit a woman, not even once?”

“No, I have never hit a woman.” And it didn’t surprise him in the least that Terry condoned it. The guy was slime. He may look meek with his perfectly styled blonde hair and pretty boy face, but he’d heard stories about Terry’s temper that worried Mac. That was why he didn’t want him watching over Liz; he didn’t trust the guy.

Terry made snorting noises as he waved his hands in disgust. “You’re a wimp then. You gotta let the woman know who’s in charge.”

“You’re unbelievable, Terry, you know that?” Leaving, Mac wandered outside with the ice on his chin.

He didn’t hit women, and any man that did wasn’t a real man in his opinion.


She might be glad he left the TV on for her, breaking the mundane silence, if he’d left it on something other than the sports channel. The sun had begun to set; she could tell that by the lighting in the room. She’d been here nearly an entire day so far and no one had come looking for her, which meant, she was stuck here.

Yeah, Liz, that’s great, give up. Since when do you give up on anything? Struggling once more, she could feel the ropes around her body shifting, loosening. She was going to break free even if it meant skinning her wrists in the meantime.

She heard the door rattle and her heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t heard anyone on the stairs, and when the door creaked open, her worst fears confirmed, as she watched Betty Rubble enter the room.

“Thought you might want some company.”

He closed the door behind him, and she felt her heart hammering in her chest. She didn’t trust him, didn’t like him. He was the thinner of the two, yet he was the one that worried her the most.

“Cat got your tongue?” he said with a chuckle as he pulled a chair up right in front of her.

“What do you expect me to say?” She didn’t want to say anything to him.

He shrugged thin shoulders, leaning forward to run his finger along her knee. “I don’t know, you could tell me how much you want to get out of here.”

Her skin crawled beneath the fabric of her slacks, and as his fingers slid higher on her thigh, she felt the nausea rolling in her gut. “I could pay you anything you like, just name the price.” His eyes met hers and she saw beneath the mask that they were blue. She saw something else in his eyes and it sickened her. She knew just what he wanted and it had nothing to do with money, and when he ran his fingers along her thigh, up her hip, she felt the acid rise in her gut.

“The money sounds good, but I think we both know what I want from you.”

She gulped hard, swallowing back the vomit rising in her throat as his hand cruised up and along her breast. “Please, don’t do this.”

“Oh, you know you want this as much as I do. I’ve read up on you, and I know just how many men you’ve let touch you.” His hand slid to the buttons on her shirt, swiftly flicked one open, then the next.

Her entire body shaking, she knew she was going to be raped and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Your legs are free, Liz, use them, fight, don’t let him take you. She felt his fingers skim over the swell of her breasts and she knew she needed to make her move. Lifting her leg, she rammed her foot right into his crotch.

“Fucking Christ.” He buckled.

She saw the evil in his eyes through the mask when he lifted his head and the fear cut into her like a sharp knife. Keep fighting, Liz, keep fighting. “Keep away from me, you bastard.” Kicking her feet, she caught him in the shins several times. When his fist came up, she wasn’t quick enough to dodge it and felt the blow as it connected with her jaw. Liz saw stars before her eyes, felt the pain spear into her jaw and the nausea build in her belly.

“Stupid bitch, well, let’s see how feisty you’ll be while I’m pounding my dick into you.”

She screamed when he yanked her slacks zipper down, screamed as he began to work the ropes to gain access to her. The next thing she knew the door flew open and Bart came charging into the room. For a brief moment she thought he, too, would have his turn with her, but then he grabbed the slime attacking her and threw him against the wall.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“The stupid bitch kicked me in the fucking dick, man.”

“Get your ass downstairs, now.” To insure he listened, Mac grabbed his shoulder and yanked him from the room.

The door slammed shut behind them, and Liz shook with the thought of what might have just happened. She could hear their voices through the closed door, heard the deep voiced one yelling. She didn’t need to try to listen; his voice rang loud and clear through the closed door.

“You fucking bastard, you were going to rape her.”

“I just wanted a little taste. She kicked me in the nuts, man.”

“You fucking deserved that and more. You touch her again and I swear to God I will make damn sure you regret it. Got it?”


She heard a hard thud against the wall and jumped.

“You lay one finger on her again and I’ll make sure you never use that dick of yours again. Get out of my sight.”

The door opened and Liz sucked in a breath, her body still shaking. He simply stood by the door, looking down at her. She heard him mumble something under his breath, then shake his head as he turned to the door and left.

Her lip quivered once, then once more before the tears fell from her eyes. She could taste the bile in her throat and swallowed several times to settle it back down. Her jaw throbbing, she knew her lip bled because she could taste the blood. Looking down at her opened clothing, the tears slid silently from her eyes.


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