Hello. Happy Saturday everyone. Thanks for dropping by. Pull up a chair and get comfy. Today I would like to talk about the many different sub-genres in romance novels.

                The first on my list is contemporary. The contemporary romance novel involves problems and issues we deal with in our modern day to day lives. These can range from jobs, careers, health issues, trouble in our relationships, from friendships, intimate connections, and family difficulties. Contemporaries may also be combined with other elements such as paranormal, erotica, suspense, mystery, and comedy.

                Historical romances take place anywhere from prehistoric times to the 1920s. These novels carry the readers back to times gone by. When writing a historical it is important to show the past as vividly and accurately as you can. Remember, the readers want to know what food was eaten, what the latest fashions were, and the social expectations and restrictions of each unique era. Other elements that may be found in a historical romance are mystery, suspense, comedy, paranormal, etc, etc.

                The time travel romance is a crossbreed between contemporary and historical. This particular sub-genre gives the author a way to combine contemporary ideals and ways of life with those of the past. Time travels have been a favourite of mine to read for years. For me, some of the most heart warming and memorable characters that I have read about came from time travel romance novels. Also some of the funniest.

                Futuristic/fantasy romances are wonderful ways for the author to build interesting worlds, new and exciting characters, and problems. These romances can take place on a spaceship, new planets, in a fairies’ world, or even different dimensions. The possibilities are endless.

                Paranormal romances are my favourites to read and write.  They use mythical creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, just to name a few. There are so many different creatures that make the paranormal novel not only exciting to write, but to read too. The paranormal can take place in almost any setting. For me, there is nothing like a big strong male vampire who falls completely in love with a human woman. Makes me all a quiver inside, lol.

                Next week I will discuss more on sub-genres of romance novels.

                Until then, happy writing and reading


One response to “ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?

  1. Paranormals are my faves too. But what I really like are mixed genres that way I can get my shapeshifters and suspense, romance, mystery, fantasy and stuff. But now that homosexuality is accepted and out of the closet there are same sex romances which are great if you can handle those graphic scenes which I can’t so I try to stay away from those ones not that I am prejudiced because I’m not. I am just uncomfortable with explanations of their love scenes.

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