‘Tis the Season

For weddings, that is.

Before I get started, though, I’d like to apologize for missing my slot here last week. Personal and health issues kept me pretty foggy for a few days, and I wasn’t able to get a post done. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, or if anyone missed me.

So, about that wedding thing. It seems like an awful lot of weddings take place in May and June. And an awful lot of weddings, or at least the groundwork for them, take place in romance novels. I mean, that’s what romances are all about, right? The happily ever after ending that many people dream about and some of us are fortunate enough to experience in real life.

I confess, I’m kind of a sap. In fact, that’s become sort of my trademark. I discovered recently that just about every romance I’ve written has one of the main characters calling someone (sometimes themselves) or being called a “sap” or “sappy.” That isn’t to say I think romances are sappy, or that people who read or write them are. It’s said very tongue in cheek, and I’m kind of poking fun at myself when I say it because until a few years ago, I refused to believe romantic love existed. Now I’ve gone completely the opposite in my opinion on the subject, thanks in large part to my awesome husband, and I tease myself by saying I’m a sap.

And I’ve gone off-course again… *Clears throat* Weddings. May through August are filled with them. Romance novels don’t always contain weddings, but some do, and most at least hint that the hero and heroine are heading that way.

Recently, I’ve written two wedding stories for Pink Petal Books as part of their wedding promo event. Through June, Pink Petal will be posting free downloads of short stories featuring the wedding (or other commitment ceremony) of characters from some Pink Petal releases. After June 20, readers will be able to vote for their favorite story and cover, and those who vote will be entered for prize drawings.

My first story is available as of yesterday. “Beginning Again” features Kyla and Alec from my novella Beginner’s Luck, and their wedding, which bears a striking resemblance to mine back in April. My second story, “Forever After,” is about the “joining ceremony” of Rhys Trevellian and Gwen Davies, the hero and heroine from my upcoming July release Eternal Love, which if memory serves I posted an excerpt from here a couple-few weeks ago.

If you love a good wedding, or a good wedding story, stop by http://pinkpetalbooks.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=20&chapter=0 and check out my free new release “Beginning Again”.


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