Hello. Welcome to another Saturday.  Can you believe we are already into June? Wow, seems like yesterday we just started the month of May.

Last week I touched on a few of the different sub-genres of romance novels, and this week I would like to continue. If you missed last Saturday’s post, I had covered, contemporary, historical, time travel, and paranormal.

Romantic suspense is romance filled with action, tension, and intrigue. It is a roller coaster ride that will have the reader clutching the book as they follow the hero and heroine, not only falling in love, but finding the villain, solving riddles, or finding buried treasure. The romantic suspense is also a favourite of mine to read.

                The erotic romance made its debut in the 1970’s when romance writers broke away from the old standards of leaving the sex act behind closed doors, and laid it all out on the pages.  The erotic romance, though high in the steam department, shouldn’t be confused with erotica. One large difference between the two is the erotic romance requires a HEA, while erotica doesn’t. There is much dissimilarity between the two, but I’m not going to go into depth. The differences could take up a blog on their own, lol.

                Inspirational romances focus on exploring the Christian faith and its effect on relationships. This sub-genre can be contemporary, historical, mystery, or suspense, but the couple’s religious faith and their growing relationship are the main focal point.

                Then we have the romantic comedy. A great blend of romance and humour. Some of the funniest novels I have read were romantic comedy.

                Multicultural romances deal with the relationships of those with different ethnic backgrounds and traditions.

                The possibilities are endless. There is something for almost every romance reader and writer’s taste. What sub-genre you decide to write in is up to you. But before you dive in and start writing, please make sure you read several novels in that particular sub-genre to get a feel for what is expected.

                Until next Saturday, happy writing and reading.


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