Excerpt – Fear Of Darkness

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Fear of Darkness is a toasty on the sizzlemeter.

Honoria writes paranormal romance. Fear of Darkness is available through Red Rose Publishing. Biohazard is available through Breathless Press. Of The Night is coming soon.


Vahe Patten is a Watcher in the King’s guard. The vampire king, that is. As a Watcher, Vahe executes vampires who break the only major vampire law: keep the secret. When Dylan Andrew starts leaving his murder victims for the human authorities to find, something must be done. While in Haven, Vahe enters the dreams of a woman plagued with nightmares of her past. When he sees Dylan flirting with her in a bar, he knows she’ll be his next victim.

Natalya Woods just wants to avoid her ex-husband. The small town of Haven, Maine seems perfect until she’s attacked in the street by, literally, the man of her dreams.


“Need a hand, Natalya.”

I spun around but before I could even get a word out I was pressed against the wall with a hand over my mouth. I realized I’d forgotten my gun. I hadn’t thought to put a different one in my other purse and I should have. This vampire was the least of my problems. Okay, so maybe not the least, a vampire was a big problem, especially if he was the murder, but I did have other people I was worried about. A vampire… It was just unbelievable.

“I’m going to take my hand away and if you scream, I’ll snap your neck. Understand?” I nodded. “Good.”

He brushed the scarf away from my neck to reveal his marks. He ran his hand lightly over my throat. I flinched when he touched the bite. Even with such a light touch, it was painful.

He leaned his face in toward me, moved his hand, and then he was kissing me. I hesitated before I gave into him. The kiss was full of probing tongues. My tongue brushed his fangs and I broke the kiss.

He moved his mouth to my throat and I stood there dazed for a second before I jerked back. I would have hit my head on the wall but his hand was between the bricks and me. He tangled his hands in my hair. His tongue flicked out across the bite mark and then his mouth clamped down. He sucked hard, making the tiny holes bleed.

I gasped in pain and pushed at his chest. He moaned against my throat and sucked harder. His erection pressed against my stomach. Trembling, he drew back. His eyes were unfocused and his breathing labored. I was glad we were in the middle of the street and not somewhere private. I don’t think anything would have kept him from fucking my brains out, and nothing could stop him from draining my blood.

He cleared his throat. “God, your blood is almost addictive.” He shook himself. “Come on, I’ll help you with all this food. I’m surprised you eat so much. You look so thin.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and didn’t respond. He picked up the food and carried it easily down the street, expecting me to follow.

I followed him without prompting. I watched my feet as I walked and tried to think of a good way to get away from him.

He didn’t struggle to carry the food, but maybe it would take him a few seconds to realize I was gone and chase after me. Maybe a few vital seconds were all I needed. I doubted it.

He stopped abruptly and looked over his shoulder. He arched an eyebrow. “Go ahead. Try running for it. You won’t make it three feet.”

I had a childish second where I wanted to kick him in the shins and run. Instead, I waited for him to turn and then I took off down the street. I just had to reach a shop that was open, or a bar. I rounded a corner and then skidded to a halt. He stood in front of me, his arms crossed over his chest, one eyebrow arched mockingly.

“You see, last night I was injured and couldn’t use my preternatural speed, but after I had a sip from you I found a nice willing donor. I don’t feel like messing around. I just want you to come with me.”

“If you think I’ll go with you willingly, you’re nuts. I seem to remember being told not to go with strangers. That the only reason they want to take you somewhere is to kill you. Hell, you’re a vampire. I can’t even believe I’m saying it. How am I supposed to trust you? And I got farther than three feet.”

He tried to suppress a smile at the last part, but didn’t quite manage. I hadn’t meant it to be funny.

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