Where is April Dawn?

Hello, I’m writing this on behalf of my wife, April Dawn. As a few of you already know, we found out some time ago that my wife was expecting. We were very excited, though my wife was very ill with the pregnancy. Now, due to several factors, she finds herself unable to get online or do much other than visit doctors. The pregnancy is going well, and everything should be okay, but she is very high risk at this point and has been ordered to stay away from work, stress, etc… She may be put on full bed rest soon, but we don’t know yet. She has been very worried about you all and how you are faring without her, so I promised to post this to ease her mind. The baby is due in November, so she is hoping to get back with you all soon after that. I will try to blog again before then to let you know how things are going.
Until then.


4 responses to “Where is April Dawn?

  1. Oh please do keep us posted. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers that all will go well with the pregnancy and her over all health.


  2. Thank you so much for updating up on April’s condition. I have been worried about her and have emailed her. I sure hope this pregnancy gets better for her real soon and that both she and the baby do well.

  3. I hope she is feeling better taking it easy and just sitting back and relaxing… Good thoughts and vibes her way…

  4. Wishing your wife and the baby-to-be all the best. Thanks for posting for her.

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