Not the Spanish knight, nor the composer, the football player or the actor, Orlando Bloom. The fascinating gender-bending character of literature appeals to me, and there is always Shakespeare’s Orlando. But no. The Orlando I’m writing about is a place in Florida. A few square miles of everglade known as the Magic Kingdom, location of this year’s RWA National Conference. I wasn’t planning on attending this year. I was planning on going to the nationals next year, in NYC. Then my manuscript made the finals in the Golden Heart.

Now, on the eve of my plane flight, I feel like one of those reluctant characters in an adventure novel who has been propelled into a perilous, but exciting adventure against her will. And due to a last minute change in venue, the national’s location is now in Orlando, so I must be a reluctant princess in a Disney animated feature––in 3-D no less.

So, I am off for a week of workshops, pitching and partying. I look forward to the workshops, dread the pitches and plan to have fun at all the cocktail parties/desert receptions and the awards dinner.

Wish me luck.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about for weeks to come.

G. Jillian Stone

There are fields in time that burn with desire. Meet me there.

Jillian is a recent Golden Heart finalist for THE YARD MAN, the first story in The Yard Men Series. Set in late Victorian London, Scotland Yard detectives have never been as wickedly sexy or as brilliantly clever. To read more about her latest work in progress, THE SEDUCTION OF PHAETON BLACK, please drop by her website: www.gjillianstone.com jillstone@mac.com


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