True Love

That’s what most of us, as romance authors, write about. True, head over heels, deep in the heart, forever love. If we didn’t write that, our stories wouldn’t be considered romance. Some romance stories don’t have “forever” endings, but we at least leave the characters knowing they’re happy together and will be for a while.

Come to think of it, in real life romances don’t always have “forever” endings either. Just look at the divorce rate.

Or, actually, don’t, because that would be depressing, especially for those of us who’ve been divorced.

Anyway…now that I have most of my pre-caffeine rambling out of the way (and now that I’ve remembered how to spell “rambling”), the point is that romance and real life don’t always match up. Then again, sometimes they do.

My own marriage is a real-life romance story, and I sometimes call my husband my real-life romance hero. We “met” in an online chat room, and to be honest I didn’t think much of him online. He flirted constantly, particularly with the women who “cammed,” so I figured he was just another guy on the make. Ten days after he joined that site, though, we met in person at a barbecue hosted by a friend of mine from the chat room. When I introduced myself to him, his face lit up and he said he’d been hoping for a chance to meet me. I felt an instant connection with him. I have a picture taken half an hour after that introduction. We were dancing together and looking into each other’s eyes with a look that can only be described as love. Within two days, he drove two hours–after working a 10-hour shift–to see me again. After a month, he said he loved me, and before long we were talking about moving in together. He’s kind, patient, helps me when I’m struggling. Everything a romance hero should be. My daughters, who he considers his children even though there’s no biological connection, and I moved in with him after a year of him driving two hours each way to visit us, and he and I were married a few months ago.

I was talking to a guy I work with a week or so ago. Hubby also works there, but wasn’t working that day. The guy and I talked about how we’d met our spouses, and his story, too, sounds like a romance. He met his wife while he was running a tour boat in Hawaii. She was in grad school, spending a semester studying on the island. After one date, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. When she returned home to Massachusetts, they talked every night for hours. After she graduated, she moved to the island to be with him. Now that they’re considering children, they’ve moved back to MA to be near her family.

Sounds pretty romantic to me.

My in-laws met on a double date. However, they were not each other’s dates. But something connected between them, and since her date hadn’t been anything serious and he hadn’t been getting along with his girlfriend, they started seeing each other. After one week, he asked her to marry him.

Yep, definitely romantic.

Some people’s “how we got together” stories aren’t very romantic as stories go. They’re genuine love, and strong relationships, just the stories aren’t all that interesting. On the other hand, a good storyteller or writer can make anything interesting.

And then there are stories like the ones above.

So what’s your true love story?


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