After a couple weeks’ hiatus caused by pure forgetfulness, here I am again, and I apologize for missing my scheduled posting date two weeks in a row.

Even though I’ve forgotten to blog, I have been remembering to write. Quite a bit of writing, actually. I had a slump for a little while thanks to an uncooperative novella and a few personal issues, but things seem to have picked back up now. One of the things that’s really helped me is timing my writing, a tip I picked up from my writing friend Lex Valentine. I set a timer for 20-30 minutes depending on mood and time constraints, and for that time I just plain write or revise. No internet distractions, no answering the phone, and I’ve developed the habit of saying, “Timer on” and “timer off” so my kids know not to interrupt me unless someone’s dying or the house is on fire.

Thanks to this habit, I’ve now completed the uncooperative novella, revised it, and submitted it to one of my publishers yesterday. I’ve completed another novella, though it needs a bit of tweaking because it was kind of supposed to be erotic romance, and the erotic just plain didn’t happen. So now I need to negotiate with the characters and see if I can get them to go to bed with each other instead of arguing with me about it.

Meanwhile I have a few other things on my “waiting for response” queue, including an erotic short and a paranormal-with-romantic-elements novel that I’ve submitted in the past two weeks. And sitting beside me on my desk, waiting to be slid into an envelope and mailed, is a new contract for an erotic romance novella. (I’m going to hold off on saying which publisher until I’ve mailed it, though I think I have announced it in a few other places.)

So…yeah. I’ve been busy with writing and real life. Hopefully things are settling down on the real life front now, and as for the writing, that’s going well and I don’t want it to settle down. LOL

Hope you all are having productive Septembers, that anyone who’s in school is settling in there, and that the other parents out there are coping with having their kids back in school. (I have a seventh grader and a tenth grader this year…good grief, that makes me feel old!)

Happy reading, and I’ll see you next week.


5 responses to “So…

  1. Glad to see your back in the writing saddle again, Karenna. Good luck with the new novella, hon!

  2. What a good idea! I’ve had to spend way too much time on promo which has left me too little time on writing!

  3. LOL…sometimes it is hard to remember what you’ve got going on. I try to stay organized with notebooks with different sections in them for each review site I review for, blog I’m blogging at, for my column, etc. But even with that you can forget. Hope your writing muse is still flowing and will continue to allow you popping out great stories:)

  4. Keep at it Karenna. We all have our ups and downs, and our distractions. I get down about life in general and not feeling well, but I keep pushing forward. I’m a slow writer and can only focus on one WIP at a time. Wish I was better at multitasking.

  5. I think the key to writing is to find something that helps to motivate you. The timer is a great idea. Good luck on your subs and new contract.

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