18 months. The gestation period of a whale.

No longer flying high. This getting published thing is work! Here’s what’s up with The Yard Men Series: This weekend, I am wrapping up a fairly lengthy synopsis (11-12 pages) and have finished the first four chapters of THE CARNAL SINS OF RAPHAEL.

The Carnal Sins of Raphael Blurb:

Five years ago, pure as an angel, hot as the devil, Raphael Lewis, Lord St. Aldwyn, did something unforgiveable to Fanny Greyville-Nugent. Now, the Scotland Yard agent is assigned to escort the wealthy industrialist heiress from Edinburgh to London. Her life is in danger from the noted anti-progressive, Bellecote Mallory, who has recently tumbled into madness and gone underground. One by one, Mallory is murdering prominent members of the modern, industrialized world by their own machines and Fanny is next in line.

In the years since their almost engagement, Fanny has come to terms with her scandalous humiliation by Rafe Lewis, even thought of it as a blessing. She has let go of her childish, infuriating infatuation and learned to hate him. Now, what with her father’s untimely death, and her impending birthday, four and twenty, she is officially on the shelf, and alone.

Rafe shows up in Edinburgh just in time for the burial ceremony. Spurned at the cemetery he follows her the wake, where she is abducted. Rafe chases down the kidnappers and rescues Fanny but they are pursued by Mallory’s henchmen. On the run, they race against the clock on a wild chase, fighting their inescapable attraction to one another. They argue and bicker from Edinburgh to London until they are carried away by their passions, but can Rafe ultimately redeem himself?

This past weekend I also began the synopsis and first four chapters of A VERY PRIVATE DUEL WITH PHINEAS GUNN, the third book contracted in the The Yard Men series. I have until October 15th to complete the synopsis and chapters before my edits arrive on book one, THE YARD MAN. I think there may be revisions as well as edits. Richard (agent) seems to think the revisions will be minor, so no huge rewrites. Crossing fingers. We shall see!

A Very Private Duel with Phineas Gunn Blurb:
Reclusive, supercilious sleuth, Phineas Gunn isn’t interested in solving a simple burglary case until he is robbed by the clever cat burglar. As the intensely private Scotland Yard agent pursues the menacing thief from ballroom to garden party to musicale, his patience with and resistance to Miss Samantha Meriwether begins to wear thin. Much to his utter disdain and amazement, he finds himself increasingly attracted to the devilish, impertinent young woman.

Deft and quick-witted Samantha must stay sharp and move fast if she is to evade Mr. Gunn and recover the jewels that are rightfully hers. The night Phineas catches her red handed, an attempt is also made on her life. As they unbutton each other’s clothing, they form a makeshift alliance to pursue the real criminal behind the jewel theft and murder attempt. What they discover opens deep wounds and family secrets, but will the strange and startling revelations bring Sam and Phin closer together?

And so what’s up with Phaeton? I have a lengthy outline and world building profile with an odd cast of supporting characters already in the works. The next book in the series is titled: THE MOONSTONE AND MISS JONES and is going to be a continuing series with Phaeton and America. As soon as I deliver the two Yard Men manuscripts I will begin working on Phaeton. Waiting to write Phaeton is like anticipating dessert!

The worst part of all this is it feels like the book release dates are far, far away. Richard says all authors are impatient with the lengthy lead times in publishing. Usually 18 months, the gestation period of a sperm whale.

G. Jillian Stone
There are fields in time that burn with desire. Meet me there.

Jillian is a 2010 Golden Heart winner for THE YARD MAN, which has sold to Pocket Books, release date March 2012. Scotland Yard detectives have never been as wickedly sexy or as brilliantly clever. Her recent novel, the story of a devilish occult detective who falls for a sultry Cajun beauty titled, THE SEDUCTION OF PHAETON BLACK has also sold to Kensington, release date September 2012. For blurbs on both books please drop by her website: http://www.gjillianstone.com


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