*Blows Into Mic* Hello?

It’s been very quiet here at A History of Romance lately. For the past couple weeks, I think I’ve been the only one posting. Before that, for a couple weeks only one other person posted.

I’m feeling kinda lonely.

Sometimes group blogs like this one fade over time. People end up with other commitments and just don’t have the time to do a weekly post, or they run out of things to blog about, or they decide to devote their energy to their own blog rather than a shared one. I know April Dawn, who started this blog, is dealing with health problems related to a pregnancy, or at least that’s what the stickied post at the top of the page says. Hopefully all is well with her!

So meanwhile, that means not much has been going on around here lately. I’m not sure that many people are showing up here on Wednesdays to see me ramble, and so I’m going to keep this post short.

I’ve been dealing with personal stuff myself lately, stuff that’s left me barely able to write a sentence a day when my normal output is 5-10 pages a day. Stress will do that to a person. So my writing’s taken a nosedive, and the situation’s going to continue for a while.

Since my energy’s at a low while I’m dealing with this stuff, I have to make some choices. I’ll still be blogging here as long as the blog exists, but I’ll probably miss a week here and there. Hopefully some of the other bloggers will be able to post again as well.


4 responses to “*Blows Into Mic* Hello?

  1. Hopefully your writing will get back on track… life does have a way of interupting things…

  2. Karenna,
    I’m a follower and I know that I follow so many blogs and I’m sorry you are going through a trying time now. I mostly lurk on all my groups and blogs.

    Best wishes

  3. karennacolcroft

    Thanks, CelticLady. I’m hoping it will too.

    Thanks, Robin. 🙂

  4. Karenna, don’t sweat it, life’s too short…take care of yourself, your family, and everything else must come after that. I recently scaled back on my blog b/c I didn’t feel the creative juices flowing. I too, had added stress from family stuff ~ writing is my stress reliever, but when overly stressed, I cannot write, go figure! I wish you all the best, pop in when you can & be good to yourself 🙂 HUGS, Roxie

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