The research files- police

As promised, a Christmas treat for those researching police novels. Here are some great sites and books I found to help you through your frustration. As always, I will check credibility, but you should always double-check the info yourself. Here are some great places for writers to begin their research.

A few good books to whet the appetite…

    Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers

by Lee Lofland who has years of police/investigative experience.

This one is subtitled ’65 Ways to Kill Your Victim in Print’ can you guess why? *smirk* That might come in handy, no? It also has some police procedures from the UK, I’m told.

    The Crime Writer’s Handbook

by Douglas Wynn who writes true crime novels (as well as several other helpful books for writers.)

For obvious reasons, I am including

    Practical Homicide Investigation: Checklist and Field Guide (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations)

by Vernon J. Geberth is a retired Lieutenant-Commander of the New York City Police Department with over 40 years of law enforcement experience.


A few good websites to inspect.

——————————————————————————————————————– is a great reference tool. You can read blogs written by cops, and while some are “What I got for Christmas/How to love your lover” kind of posts, most are interesting product, technical explanations, etc… The Property Room offers so many items for sale to leos and forensics personnel. Just looking at the descriptions of some of the items gave me ideas. There is also a directory of agencies and contact information.
All in all, worth checking out, I think.
Cincinnati has their procedures mapped out. There is a lot of boring and interesting information smooshed into these procedure pages. (Everything from how to dress to how to deal with homeless encampments. to pursuit driving
A far less detailed list appears on the Miami Shoes site.
The Portland police have some interesting info on their site. Definitions and acronyms is just one of the helpful pages. Forensic evidence newsletter is certainly another.
And of course, the best reference site. The Dept of Justice criminal justice reference site. They have guides like Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement. There’s more information about courts, corrections, and crime than I can list here, as well as convenient search functions. I recommend checking this one out if you have any kind of court proceedings in your book.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of your local police hero. Join me next week for a foray into lycanthropy.

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