Another year gone by

Last year I posted a what I learned on 09 and what I hoped to achieve in 2010 list. Sort of a new years resolution list. I was derailed mid-year by an unexpected high risk pregnancy, but now we have a very welcome addition to the family, so it was all worth it.

Let’s see how I did anyhow.

In 2010, I hope to learn what it is like to

  • -Have a great review (or many of them.)
  • I’m happy to say that I achieved this one. I’m glad so many of you loved my novels.

  • -Get a great agent.
  • Not yet, but I’m hopeful for a few manuscripts I have for next year.

  • -See my novels in Barnes and Nobel.
  • Ditto

  • -See someone reading my novels on the street.
  • Wouldn’t that be fun!

  • -Hit 1000+ followers on Twitter.
  • 586, not too bad…

  • -Have another reader send me an email telling my how much they enjoyed one of my novels.
  • I’m happy to say I have received a number of these as well. Thanks for the kind words.

    What’s on the agenda for 2011?

    -Submit and publish more novels

    -Enter a contest or two (scary! lol)

    -Get a great agent

    -Hit that illusive 1000 followers on twitter

    -See someone reading my book

    -Submit to the other genres I’m dying to try

    -Get a print contract to widen the readers I reach with my work

    We shall see how I do next year with this list, but for this year I have to say 1/3 of the list isn’t bad for resolutions achieved.

    Stay tuned for what I learned in 2010.

    April Dawn -Author of Crushing Desire and
    Bound by Love available now through Breathless Press, All Romance, and Kindle.


    5 responses to “Another year gone by

    1. Congrats on your success this year….I am certain that next year will usher in much more success

    2. First, I want to say congratulations on your new baby! Second, congratulations on all your successes in the past year. Third, here’s hoping you achieve your goals in the coming year.

    3. Thank you both. I hope to achieve at least one or two of my goals for next year, however, as long as I remain vigilant, I might just accomplish them all.

    4. I love your attitude!!!

    5. Gotta think positive. 😉

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