The Research Files- 19th Century Clothing

This is a wide subject, so I will try to include a number of varied resources.



    Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail

by Lucy Johnston who is a curator in a museum’s department of furniture, fashion, and textiles.


    English Women’s Clothing in the Nineteenth Century: A Comprehensive Guide with 1,117 Illustrations

by C. Willett Cunnington who are actually a husband wife team of dress historians with a large collection of period clothing.


This one is a general guide to

    The Art of Dress: Clothes and Society 1500-1914

by Jane Ashelford who had a postgrad degree in the history of dress.


    Nineteenth-Century Costume and Fashion

byOswald Curtis and Herbert Norris who was a costume architect, designing historical costumes.



In my opinion, the best place to start researching period clothing is through pictures.

Here is a educational site with a number of pictures and a fashion time line.

The Victoria and Albert museum has some interesting info and pics.

Sjsu is a university site with some interesting tidbits. Click on selected words to get more info and see pics.
Hopefully this will help you get started in researching the wide world of 19th century clothing.

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