Research Files- Don’t Neglect People

As a writer, it’s easy to say, police officers are too busy to answer my questions. Why would a lawyer talk to me without charging a fee? How would I even go about getting information on these and many other occupations?

I’m here to tell you, people are more willing to help than you might think, especially if you tell them you’re writing a book. Use your local yellow pages, do a google search. You can find law offices and police stations, hospitals and fire stations, all willing to answer questions. Don’t worry about bothering them either. Tell them that you are writing a novel, and what you need to ask about (in general), and that your schedule is flexible. They will tell you when to call back or come by if they are too busy. Some people, I’ve heard, will even read over a scene or manuscript, with an eye to accuracy where their profession is concerned. But you have to ask. You won’t get the answers you seek until you do.

If you’re shy or still concerned about talking to people live at their jobs, you can also use internet resources that get you in touch with these people. First, most websites have a contact us section. You can ask the IRS tax questions, the LAPD about procedure, ask a doctor medical questions, and more.

I’ve also found a site with a number of ask the expert links. I’ve looked at a few by subject and most seem to be genuine, working links, so give it a look.

Finding the information you need doesn’t have to be any harder than you make it.

As always, double check the validity of any internet site you use.

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