What a week I’ve been having! + a Whitesmoke update

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, but a lot has happened.

I’ve been deeply engrossed in writing, finishing The Piratess, editing a large section of a romantic suspense I’m working on, and writing another in a muse inspired frenzy.
Plus, I’ve been receiving requests from agents, and hope soon to get The Call from the agent at the very top of my top five list. She just requested a full! Wish me luck.

I entered the 2011 Romance Through The Ages Contest, which I should hear back from in March.

Also, April Dawn and Ava Delany will be signing at the RT convention during the Expo (4-08 4-6pm). Please feel free to stop by and say hi. We’d love to hear from you.


And in regards to Whitesmoke editing software.
The company released this blog, stating that they are not a virus and that an affiliate created the virus without their knowing. So I went on to Whitesnake…oops, I mean Whitesmoke, and downloaded it again (from the main site, not a secondary one.) This time I got a different virus. Good try Whitesmoke creators, but virus detectors are on to you. Thank goodness.
I’ve given them my last try, because, even if this is another affiliate, the double deceit proves they don’t check their employees out well. And that means the software could have more that the checker can’t find.

My two cents. — I’d say for safety’s sake, get writer’s workbench or any of the many other proofreading software choices out there.

April Dawn

Author of Crushing Desire and Bound by Love available now through Breathless Press, All Romance, and Kindle.


2 responses to “What a week I’ve been having! + a Whitesmoke update

  1. My fingers are crossed for you!!!!! Keep me posted

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