It’s not easy: The trials of a write-at-home mother.

How many of you have experienced this?

Everyone’s fed. Diapers are changed. Finally some quiet play time. You sneak over to the laptop and open it for some innocent note-jotting because your inspired. Next thing you know, you’re deep in your scene. The heroine is struggling. The villain has her. She claws the carpet, kicking back at him in an attempt to escape. You’re newborn squeals in glee. You laugh at the sweet sound, but you can’t leave your heroine stranded in the clutches of the villain, so you go back to the scene. The villain slams a fist into her temple, and her world explodes in white lights. Your two-year-old grabs your finger off the keyboard and uses it to push a toy down into a toy milk jug. Your heroine scrambles forward, grasping at a dresser to keep from being pulled beneath the villain. You deftly avoid your son’s clutching fingers while continuing to type at ever faster speeds in the hopes you might be able to finish the scene before being forced to stop. Then your daughter starts to cry, and sadly, your heroine is on her own again…at least until you put the kids to bed.

This was my fun experience today.

The moral –
It’s not easy to write a really tense scene with an infant squealing with baby joy at one of her toys and a two-year-old insisting on using your finger to push down every toy cookie into his mooing milk jug. Such is the trial of the write-at-home mother.


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