Blog Challenge Contest and Title Contest. Come and see if you can win.

We have two new contests here at A History of Romance. Feel free to enter each one.

Contest one- Blog Challenge – Win a goody bag with one signed item.

Blog challenge accepted.

Jeanie Mackenzie challenged us to write about marketing your novel. (Which I assume means marketing a book as an author.)
The 4 words are…

This blog will be completed and posted by 4-23 meeting all requirements or you win a prize! Yay.

Challenge us. You pick a blog topic you would like to hear about (related to romance novels or writing in general) and four words we have to use while writing on that topic. April and I will take turns answering this challenge. If you can stump us, and we can’t find a way to legitimately include all four words, you win a goody bag.

Rules –
We will take the first comment with a legitimate topic and four (definable on the Miriam-Webster website) words. (No slang, made up words, or techie words. Profanity, or anything else that would be deemed inappropriate will be deleted.)
The blog will be posted on the subject within two weeks.
Words do not have to be used in a specific context. (For example, spirit could be used as a drink, ghost, or any other legit definition of the word.)
When that post comes out, we will accept the first comment on that post containing a topic and four words.
If in any post, we are unable to include the words, the winner will be announced, and we will email the winner regarding their goody bag.

Go ahead, try to stump us.

Contest two- Title contest – Win your name in the book, and an Amazon gift card.

I am leaving the title of one of my newest books up to you. If your title is chosen, not only will the book take the name you suggest, but also, your name will appear in the acknowledgments and you will win a $20 gift card to Amazon Kindle website where you can purchase all of my books as well as April’s novels. (And some other authors too, I guess. lol)

The series is a prequel to my Homecoming series.
The prequel to The Soldier’s Return is A Soldier’s Woman
The prequel to The Wedding Night is A Surprising Day
You will be naming the prequel to The Librarian’s Love. The blurb thus far is:

Erica loves her studies. Library arts, books, the smell of history… It intoxicates her… But when she gets drunk at a frat party and reveals a bit more than she intends in a game of ‘Never have I ever’, she finds her life of books and shelves not quite as satisfying as the sexy man whose attention she attracts.
Daniel noticed the mousy librarian type who would normally blend herself into the wall, if it weren’t for the drinks she’d had and the interesting game they played at the frat party. The spark that lit her eyes, and the interesting contrasts in her behavior and his expectations made her interesting. He wanted to see what lay behind that drab gray sweater, and what those glasses were hiding. And he would have his answers before the game was done.

Contest will run from April 3nd to April 13th. Winner will be posted by April 20th.
The name has to follow the formula above. A —- —- (and have some connection to the previous title The Librarian’s Love.)
You may enter up to five titles for consideration. (First five per person only.)
Include your name with all title suggestions.
If you do not want your name on the acknowledgments, or would prefer a character named after you, let me know when you win.

Good luck! Ava Delany
-Fiery and sensual novels by Ava Delany.
Hot Shot Anthology – Out April 22nd
The Homecoming series – The Soldier’s return, The Librarian’s Love, and The Wedding night.
The Fetish Club series – Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen
Available through Amazon, AllRomanceEbooks, BP, and more.


12 responses to “Blog Challenge Contest and Title Contest. Come and see if you can win.

  1. Okay, so here are my five suggestions for titles in the library prequel:

    1. Smoldering Intrigues
    2. Sexy Revelations
    3. The Librarian’s Satisfaction
    4. Book Love
    5. Intoxicating Interests

    Feel free to use any of these. My fingers will be crossed that you may like one of these suggestions. From the brief description given I think either one of these would suit the story well. Much luck in your search.

    Jennifer Labelle

  2. Oops, it seems I need to pay attention a little better, sorry. Okay so I’m resubmitting to follow your formula of A___ ___ for your library prequel.

    Here goes,
    1. A Smoldering Intrigue
    2. A Sexy Revelation
    3. A Librarian’s Satisfaction
    4. A Love Of Books
    5. An Intoxicating Interest

    Jennifer Labelle

  3. 1. A Librarian’s Lust
    2. A Lucky Librarian
    3. A Luscious Librarian
    4. A Librarian’s History
    5. A Titillating Tome

  4. Challenge #1 I read so many stories that have poor grammar in them. My question is How do you write a sentence grammatically correct that does not end in a preposition.? I see a lot of sentences ending with the word OF

  5. Jeanie Mackenzie

    Contest #1
    Write about marketing your novel.
    4 words

    Contest #2
    A College Crush
    A Librarian’s Crush
    A Librarian’s Cutie
    A Student’s Love
    A Sexy Student

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  7. Contest #2
    A Bibliophile’s Boyfriend
    A Bibliophile’s Boy
    A Bookworm’s Man
    A Bookworm’s Crush
    A Bookworm’s Boyfriend

  8. Michelle Herzog

    Contest #2 … are my suggestions…..
    A Librarian’s Thriller
    A Librarian’s Desire
    A Smoldering Librarian
    A Curator’s Discovery
    A Literary Expose

    Michelle Herzog,

  9. A Collegiate Crush
    A Collegian’s Crush
    A Collegiate Desire
    A Collegian’s Desire
    This one breaks the mold, but I like it.
    A Hot Frat Boy

  10. Entries are closed. Thanks for entering. The winner will be announced soon!

  11. Sorry I missed this! They look like fun contests. I look forward to the next ones!

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