Release Day! – Hot Shots Anthology – Ava Delany

Congratulations on your new release Ava and other Breathless Press Authors!

Blue Moon

Each All Hallow’s Eve, Anvahn must pay the price for wielding magic. This year a werewolf appears to her instead of the usual demon, monster, or spirit. But will this time prove too costly for Anvahn to bear?

Sins of the Cloth

Can two days of purging sinful thoughts be enough for a priest who desires endless lust?

Sex Therapy

Therapy was never so sexy…or so dangerous.

Dangerous Moves

Coreen Evans never thought sex would be so delicious between coworkers..

Clandestine Eyes

All play and no work has Coreen Evans burning with desire for her supervisor Rob Larsen

Margie’s Room

How far will one husband go to satisfy his wife?

Winning off the Court

Hot, steamy, and sexy, three athletes prove that you can win off the court.

The Librarian’s Love

Who knew the Paleontology section of the stately library would prove to be so fun…

The Soldier’s Return

Hot and tight, Janelle has a surprise for her husband he is sure to remember.

The Wedding Night

This wedding night will truly be a once in a lifetime experience

Who’s the Boss?

Justin’s boss, Diane is a domineering tyrant with the body of a goddess.

Staking Claim

Gina knew the moment her husband grasped her firmly that he was filled with lust, but was it lust for her or for someone else

Naughty For Christmas

Who would’ve thought a giant green dildo could bring Trisha the man of her dreams?


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