Back in the Mood for Romance

I have read romances since I was a pre-teen.  Stopped reading for a while because I had decided that I would much rather experience it. So when I saw this email in the writers forum that I participate in I jumped at this opportunity to re-explore a genre that kept me going throughout high school, college and part of my twenties.  Long time span right? I have some favorite authors that write both mystery and romance that I like to read.  Some of them are Nora Roberts, Janelle Taylor, Sylvie Somerfield, Jayne Ann Krentz, Julie Garwood, Janet Evanovich, Joan Collins, Barbara Taylor Bradford and of course the late Beverly Barton.  Joan Collins, Barbara Taylor Bradford is my guilty pleasures.  Some wouldn’t consider them romance but their stories are about romances gone good or bad and the story surrounding the rise and fall.

Romance novels to me have always been based on trust, friendship and commitment. Every novel I have read has that formula.  The heroine/hero has to learn to trust the hero/ine, i.e. Jesse Kardell, Clay, Somer, Kate Fortune.  They may or may not be friends in the beginning but the hero and heroine learns to be each other’s friend.  And then one or both of them are committed to the relationship.  And she is always a virgin unless she is in an erotic novel.

Do you know that most of the romance novels of today have a reading age group of teens to some senior citizens.  What I have heard most from people that I talk to is that they started reading when their divorces
came through or some women through their dry span in their love life.  Some senior citizens take them to the beach and sit on their beach chairs.  A lot of them like the small Harlequin Romances and some prefer the Super Harlequin Romances.  Me, I like either.  Then of course there are Harlequin Presents with authors like Anne McCallister, BET books with authors like Sonia Icilyn,  Silhouette Intimate Moments  with authors like Alexandra Sellers and Silhouette Books with authors like Nora Roberts. There are also Kimani Romance with authors like Louré Bussey, Dafina
Books for Contemporary Romance with authors like Angie Daniels, and
Indigo Love Stories with authors like Gwynne Forster.

Why did I join?  For the reasons listed above and because of new authors like Erika Scott whose two novels I have read have me waiting for more.  I was lucky enough to hear her and other woman speak in a panel given by HBO a couple of years ago.  They gave their stories about how they got started and how their careers were going. I am hoping to attend more
events like that and I am hoping to pass on what they gave me to you.

What am I hoping for from this blog experience? I hope to meet authors, meet readers who love romance and other bloggers who love to read and write romance stories.  I hope to engage you in a conversation between persons who enjoy the experience as if it were fine wine drank at a fancy restaurant while sitting in the privacy of your own home with your afghan rug wrapped around your waist, your drink of choice next to you on
your sofa, bed or wherever you choose to read the novel.  And my intent is to share with you my reading experience and my writing experience as the year goes on.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

I am currently in the process of finishing my first mystery novel which I hope to have out to you soon.  I have a chapbook of poetry that is about life, love and happiness. And I have my own blog that has been on the internet for the last three years.  If you choose, take a look at my blog which is


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