Lets Talk About Sex


Who are we to tell someone who to have a romantic, sexual relationship with? Why, we are the writers or our very own romance. It starts out:

Iphigenia was outside on the balcony watching the partygoers stroll through the garden. Marcus was behind her. She turned to glance at him. There he was tall, and dark with midnight black hair and the bluest eyes she’d ever see. His smile would captivate her. His walk reminded her of a sea captain walking on the deck of the ship. Like the one sitting in the harbor waiting for his return, their captain. Pirate captain but no one knew that- except her.

Oh the nights they’d spent in the stable laughing and playing. She remembered his body. Lean and muscled. Smooth skin. Iphigenia smiled. And turned quickly behind to glance at Marcus before turning back to stare out. He didn’t even notice she was alive. Small, mousy, brown hair. Brown eyes and brown skin, Iphigenia. Small describes her, but sturdy.

Except for that one indiscretion that no one knew about, the little boy that resulted, no one knew about her feelings. And he was back out to sea.

She thought back to her pregnancy. She had left town and moved away to a little cottage. Nia, as they called her learned to distance herself. She learned to not feel for Marcus. She learned to forget his smell, his taste, his touch, his voice and his body. But Nia fell every time she saw him again. And her son, she smiled down at the little boy standing by her, was the result. And he didn’t know.

Marcus glanced at the woman he was talking too. Woman that was a laugh. He doubted that very much. Oh he had seen her along with his crew at the bar down the street from the dock. She was a hired whore and made a lot of money upstairs in that bar. He couldn’t abide her but he thought that she might like the night out. And he didn’t mind taking out people if they needed it. But my God, she never shut up. He was getting the biggest head ache of his life.

He wished he was by Nia. His childhood friend. Funny, he didn’t remember her getting married or mentioning that she was last time he was here. It be about one year before the birth of the little boy standing by her. He smiled to himself. Who would have thought that he would fall for little Nia? Little being the operative word. He was head over heels in love with her and would never tell her. It would destroy their relationship. He glanced sharply down at the lady he was with and said to her in a brusque tone, “I am going to talk to Nia. You be all right here by yourself for a while?” The lady in question quickly glanced and then looked at Nia and got the lay of the land. She smiled, if a bit hurt, and said, “I will be fine. I can entertain myself. I am about to get going soon anyway. Have to be home before a certain time. And before you say anything, I am not working tonight and tend to turn in early. So you go ahead Marcus. Me thinks that the two of you from what I hear have a lot to talk about.” She laughed and left him on the balcony.

See her problem is that she leaves when she should stay. And although she thinks of staying, she does leave and for that reason, Marcus is never going to notice her….

We can use our imagination to write anything about their relationship and their feelings towards each other. We can work out relationship issues and still have a smile after the argument is over. Because the novel will entertain us and have us relate to the story as it unfolds. So we, the writer of the romance, can tell the reader anything we want to tell them and have our character in any type of relationship that we want them to be. After all, it’s all fiction.

Lets Talk About Sex 061511.docx


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