Romance is Like Nutrition- If You Follow It Right- Your Life is Grand and Healthy

Romance is Like Nutrition- If You Follow It Right- Your Life is Grand and Healthy

I didn’t know what I was going to write. I will start by telling you about my day. I volunteer at a senior citizens home. After lunch is finished I have taken to sitting outside in the sun with my sun-block on (have to keep out harmful rays) and I have seen a lot of various people come in and out of the building. None of whom are sadder than those that have lost a loved one.

The center reminds me of my first attempt at romance. OMG! The storyline was sad but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I had no romance, no story, nothing. Me, who read romance all the time since junior high school. But my desire to write did not diminish just maybe not romance. However, my poetry, all romance and relationship issues.


Here are two examples from my book of poetry.


When we meet in the front of the room, full of people; hear my words to you and them:

Today, I stand before you half a man; Today I stand before you half conscious; Today know that when I leave you I leave you a whole man.

For the last 5 to 10 years you have heard my cries, seen my anger, felt my pain; You understand what we all went through.

You see the lovely woman beside me here: I hated her on sight. You know why? She was a sniveling, simpering baby. That’s right. A huge baby. Cried at the drop of a hat. And man, could she talk. About nothing. It got so bad, I hid from her. You think she took the hint? Not exactly. So now, years later, we stand before you, in front of the judge waiting, for our wedding to end with the words…

‘You are now husband and wife’…

So before we get to that, no emergency, no calls, no testimonials, no stops of the wedding…None? Good.

Ok, your honor, it’s her turn now.


Well I can’t tope that. But my thoughts are different. I am indeed all that he says I am. I am a huge baby. But you know why he puts up with me? Because simply put, I am in love with that man right here beside me. You know the poem, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue; here’s my version:

‘Roses may be red’ Violets may be blue’ ‘While all of that is true’ ‘Here’s one true blue’

Through thick and thin, highs and lows, you have been there for me. Know that I am here for you, Always.

Okay, judge, your turn….

And the second poem is:

Love Life for Real

As you look into the depths of her eyes, You see beyond forever. In her you have found home, a peace, a stillness, a warmth; To her you say all the right and wrong things; To her you always say I love you, But do you mean it?

In me I see all that is lacking. All I have done wrong. All of my mistakes.

In you I see a person who has grown beyond their time; a person who has seen and felt the worst life can throw and survive and thrived. In you we see the promise of tomorrow. A repeat of the past, a replica of everything, with an eye towards the new.

In the two of you I see a love and a life that most of us dream about; words can’t describe it, pictures can’t show it. But the two of you are like Heaven. A bright light, with golden gates, pale blue sky and family welcoming you inside. They hold, kiss you and say- Its not your time yet. When it is, you will know its time to say Goodbye to your old family and welcome in the new, combined family.

The two of you become one united unit. We, who sit in the background, as we have let life pass up by due to no one’s fault but our own are left with a feeling of wistful envy. And yet, a peaceful happiness.


Nice right? A little romance, poking fun at one’s foibles while seeing forth come one united couple or group. And now, here’s the nutrition. The romance novel that you read is your nutrition. If you follow the guidelines, you come up with a nice story line. For example, the milk would be you the author. You supply the imagination that writes the novel. The staples, the eggs would be the hero, the bacon, the heroine and the coffee would be you reading the novel and finding enjoyment in it.

So I guess what I am trying to say to you is that your life can supply all the romance you need to write your very own romance novel. And in that life you can find peace, love and fulfillment that nourishes your body until the day that you die. But if you don’t believe me- just look at your family. Not everyone will have what you have.

Love your Life For Real Readers!

Romance is Like Nutrition- If You Follow It Right- Your Life is Grand and Healthy.docx


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