Blogs – to tour or not to tour

With my newest book having just been released, I decided that I’m going to do a new type of promo this year.
There’s a lot of talk amongst authors, and others in the writing community, about blog touring. Some say do it, others say don’t bother. So, what is a blog tour?

What is a blog tour?
A blog tour is similar to a site book tour. You visit a number of other author’s blogs. One each day for the length of your tour. There are so many options for what to do on this tour. You can blog about something that means a lot to you. You can do a traditional interview or excerpt post. You can also do more unusual things like interview one of your characters, or a scavenger hunt where readers find information within the web, or your books–if they are well known enough. (This is also something you can do for book clubs.) I’ve been thinking about some new things to try. The Dating Game and other game shows might make interesting additions to a blog tour.

What do you talk about?
Sometimes, the host author will tell you what they want you to do. Others leave it up to you. You can write about writing, reading, or other concepts that pertain to romance novels and erotica. Just be sure to make it interesting. Keep the information fresh and new, if you can. Readers and writers want to hear new information, not the same old thing they’ve heard a thousand times. Some subjects make it difficult to present new information, but presenting a fresh point of view, or presenting it with a fresh voice could make an old article new again.

Why would you want to take/host a blog tour?
Visiting another author gives you both publicity because the blog’s regulars will most likely read your post and your publicity will bring your readers to the host authors blog as well. It’s a win win situation. The readers and other authors who follow your blog tour might be interested in reading your books based on the information in the blog or blogsite. Plus, your blog voice might intrigue readers enough to send them on to find your books.

Would I do a blog tour?
I’m doing one this summer. Information is listed below. (Check out my blog tour because I’m going to try a few new things myself, as mentioned above, and I’ll blog about how well they went when the tour is done.)

August 15 – Crazy 4 Bookss – Guest Blog

August 16- Seriously Interviewed – Interview

August 17 – Got Romance Interviews – Character Interview

August 18 – Nocturnal Nights – Guest Blog

August 19 – Cynthia Selwyn’s blog – First Page Friday

August 20 – G. Jillian Stone’s Blog -Guest Blog

August 21 – Blackraven Reviews – Guest Blog

August 22 – Anna James Blog – Interview

August 23 – Total Ebound – Guest Blog

August 24 – Whipped Cream – Guest Blog

August 25 – Dawn’s Reading Nook – Interview

I hope I see you out there.

Feel free to tell me what you love about blog tours as a reader or writer. Also, authors please feel free to share some of the more innovative ideas you had for blogs and blog tours if you like.

Ava Delany Author of The Homecoming series –The Librarian’s Love, The Soldier’s Return, and The Wedding Night, The Fetish Club series — Captivated, Dominated, and Fallen, and The Beginnings series — A Librarian’s Desire (7/8) A Soldier’s Woman (9/9), and A Surprising Day (11/4). Look for them at Breathless Press, All Romance Ebooks, Borders, on Kindle, and many others.


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