My Handy Dictionary


Its fair time in New Jersey being held at the Meadowlands in East Hanover NJ. You take the NJ Turnpike to the East Hanover Exit which I think is Exit 3 go around the bend and then move towards your right. And then drive towards the Meadowlands Arena and have a blast. The last time I went there was a couple of years ago. It wasn’t bad. Haven’t been back there since and not because I got hurt. Just haven’t been back there. What does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Not a thing. It’s just summer days and summer nights.

I have nothing to say except I keep a dictionary with me when I read because I get a new word and then have to look up its meaning. I use both the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary and the Webster’s New World Dictionary. It Is a handy tool to have for a writer. You can actually use it to help summarize your book blurb, your query letter and your synopsis. But the best part of having a dictionary handy is for the times when your mind goes blank and you can’t think of how to spell a word. The dictionary also helps when you are trying to do phrases that are foreign or when you are trying to say something a different way. I think that most people really appreciate having a dictionary handy.

In the Merriam Webster Dictionary which is from 1994 it has a couple of sections that I will detail for you. Bear with me while I go through this. It has the preface page that gives you the editorial staff names. If you are like me I look for people that I know. To date none. The next page is the explanatory notes, followed by pronunciation. After that is the continuation of grammar such as verbs, adjectives, adverbs and capitalization. Then the next section is etymology. Usage is next which helps explain both the grammar and etymology sections that came previously in the dictionary.

Then comes the fancy parts of the dictionary. There is a section called sense division and that is essentially explaining how we use certain words, punctuation marks and foreign language words in our vocabulary and writing. This is then followed by cross-reference, synonyms, combining forms, prefixes suffixes, lists of undefined words, abbreviations and symbols, and abbreviations used in the actual dictionary you are using. And then your dictionary begins. At the end of your dictionary is your foreign words and phrases, nations of the worlds, population of places in the United States (not sure why you need that section actually), summary by the states and dependencies for population in the country split by years and Canada. Then you have your signs and symbols sections which include astronomy, business, mathematics, medicine, miscellaneous, reference marks, stamps and stamp collecting and weather.

What have I just described for you- a mini English text. Hahaha! Who would have thought that huh? Not even me. Sorry folks not that smart or forward thinking. But this mini English text will help you write your next novel. Oh and as for your summer, remember your sun-block, money for New Jersey tolls and a good novel-your all set for summer. But you have to wait for the next year’s State Fair for NJ unless you’re heading towards New York.


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