Blogtour Time

Blogtour Time
I’ve always clutched the keyboard whenever anyone mentioned the word ‘blogtour’. *gulp* As I discussed in a recent post, I’m pretty introverted, and I don’t feel very comfortable with ‘face-to-face’ stuff like blogging. That’s part of why I make myself do it. And usually I can fake it, put on a character, or think of interesting new ideas—like the dating game style blog I wrote for Whipped Cream on August 24th—but I’m very nervous about the whole concept. Are my topics going to be worth reading? Is what I have to say going to be interesting enough? Etc…
Well, I’ve decided it’s time to jump out of my comfort zone and have a blogtour. (Dates and info below). I hope you’ll stop by and visit each stop to say hi.
Since I’m hoping to have lots of visitors to keep me company, I’ll be giving away an advanced copy of A Soldier’s Woman (9/09) to one lucky commenter. You just have to comment on any of my blogs to be entered, and if you comment on more than one blog, you get more than one entry. Up to 11 entries if you comment each day (including this blog).
Plus, if I get more than 40 comments total, I’ll give away a second prize to one random commenter, so be sure to tell your friends to come by. The more the merrier. Hope to see you, and your friends, tomorrow.
Ava Delany

    Correction- Crazy for Bookss changed their name. My blog can now be found at Books N Kisses Feel free to check it out and comment.

August 15 – Crazy 4 Bookss – Guest Blog
August 16- Seriously Interviewed – Interview
August 17 – Got Romance Reviews – Character Interview
August 18 – Nocturnal Nights – Guest Blog
August 19 – Cynthia Selwyn’s blog – First page Friday
August 20 – G Jillian Stone’s Blog -Guest Blog
August 21 – Blackraven Reviews – Guest Blog
August 22 – Anna James Blog – Interview
August 23 – Total Ebound – Guest Blog
August 24 – Whipped Cream – Guest Blog
August 25 – Dawn’s Reading Nook – Interview


6 responses to “Blogtour Time

  1. I’m going to try and keep you company on you tour.

  2. Hi Ava, I’m also going to try to keep you company. I was searching for the blog tour dates and just found it. Have fun!

  3. Hi Ava, I just read your post on Jillian Stone’s Storyville section and really liked it. I’ve met some pretty horrible villains but most of the villains I have met were redeemable and usually turned out to be the hero in another story. I see what you mean when you say some villains are only such because of how they are seen in other people’s eyes. I’d like to think all villains are redeemable and a big part of it is when they feel remorse and have a conscience. I’m not sure I’ve come across any that have gone too far but I think those villains who are not sorry or understand how hurtful their actions are may be harder to redeem.

  4. Ava––great having your blog Villains and Heroes on my new website. Fpr those of you who haven’t read Ava”s blog, it will remain on the Storyville page for rest of this week (until the 27th). My two cents? My favorite reluctant heroine is still Lizbeth from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 😉

  5. Thanks Na,
    I agree that lack of conscience is one of the most un-redeemable qualities in a villain/antihero.

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