Spending time with Abbey MacInnis

I want to thank April Dawn and the other contributing authors of Let’s Talk Romance for having me here today.

I love reading books in several genres. My favorite genre, obviously, is romance. Within romance, I love contemporary, paranormal, erotic, and everything in between. Historicals though, have always held a special place in my heart.

As a teenager, I fell in love with authors Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey, Elizabeth Lowell and many many many others, and the fabulous historical romances they penned. There’s just something about historicals that I absolutely love. It’s a combination of the characters, the story, and the setting that reel me in.

It’s easier for me to get swept away into a story that’s an historical than any other genre. There’s so much that an author can utilize to up the conflict between the characters that simply wouldn’t work in any other genre. It’s fun to see how a regency miss will get herself out of a compromising position with London’s most notorious rake. Or how a Medieval damsel will rescue her knight in shining armor. LOL

For years, I always said I’d write an historical someday. It’s extremely daunting and fun to finally do it. I love doing research, and could get sucked into it all day. I’m a stickler for accuracy, so when I finally pinned the bull by the horns, and decided to write one, first thing I did was the research. His Fifth Avenue Thief isn’t set in a setting or time readers are probably familiar with. I didn’t plan on setting it in NYC in 1850. I was aiming for twenty years prior, but once I did the research, I knew that time would be perfect. The big famine in Ireland in 1848 killed millions, and sent thousands from their homeland and turning to America as a place where they could make a new start. My hero and heroine were no different. Congress passed the compromise of 1850, or the Fugitive Slave Law, making it a crime to aid a runaway slave. This act, and the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin a few years later, would send the country down the inevitable path to war. I wanted to capture a time of peace.

I love writing books that I’d want to read. I got the idea for this book, in part, from Jenny’s character from the movie Gangs of New York. As a refresher, Jenny’s a turtle dove. She dresses as a maid, sneaks into mansions, and robs their occupants blind. Other than that commonality, that’s all my heroine, Cathlene has in common with her.

Once I established the setting, Aaron and Cathlene took over. It was their story, so I let them tell it. And boy did they. I was just along for the ride.

I have several more historicals planned. I had to get over my initial fear of writing one. LOL I had fun, and I feel my voice is more suited for historicals, but I’m not ditching contemporaries. *g* I’m so glad I confronted that fear. If you’re a writer considering writing something different, go for it. Things might turn out better than you anticipated. If you’re a reader, what’s your favorite type of Historical to read? What would you love to see more of?

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Abbey MacInnis is a published author of Contemporary Western romance. Along with Contemporary, she writes Historical, Paranormal and erotic romance. Whether she’s being swept off her feet by a Medieval knight, regency rake, or cowboy or cop, her heroes are always strong men who’ll love their women unconditionally.

On most days, Abbey can be found at her computer, penning her latest tale. A tale where love, respect, and passion combine to create a satisfying and happy ending. She invites you to step in to the pages of her romances, to leave your worries behind and get swept up in her world.

His Fifth Avenue Thief blurb:

Two years prior, Irishman Aaron O’Connel took his life from rags to riches. Chance and wits have kept him alive in 1850’S New York City. But no amount of money or success can bring his love Cathlene back from the dead. When a thief sneaks her way into his mansion, the last woman he expects to find absconding with his belongings is his long lost wife.

Abandoned on New York’s shores, a widowed, penniless, and ruined Cathlene O’Connel was left to fend for herself in an unfamiliar world. Fear and circumstance drove her to a life of thieving in order to survive, but her heart risks the biggest danger of all when Aaron hands her a scandalous proposition: A son in exchange for her freedom.

Now that he has her back, Aaron doesn’t intend to let Cathlene slip between his fingers. He’ll do whatever it takes to regain her trust and love. But when an enemy from Cathlene’s past resurfaces, Aaron not only faces battling for Cathlene’s heart, but also her life.

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10 responses to “Spending time with Abbey MacInnis

  1. Thanks again to everyone here at Lets Talk Romance for having me here. 🙂

  2. We loved having you here Abbey! Come by any time!

  3. What a cool time period! I love how you came up with it as the perfect time period. And I love reunion stories! I think finding a setting is the hardest thing about writing a historical. Soooo much to choose from!

  4. Hi Abbey! I love that you chose to write a historical that isn’t your typical period and location. I actually wish there were more historicals out there that were different, so good on ya for taking that leap. 🙂 Congrats on your release!

  5. Thanks, MJ and Jodi. 🙂
    Like I said, I love Regencies and Medievals and Westerns, but I wanted to try something different. 🙂 It was challenging, but I always had to keep the characters in mind, and not get carried away with all the cool stuff I found. LOL

  6. I love reunion stories, Abbey. Sounds fabulous!

  7. I love this era and think that the US during this time is often overlooked. I’ll definitely be adding your book to my TBR pile

  8. Sounds fabulous, Abbey!

  9. Thank you for coming over, Brenda. 🙂
    I love reunion stories too. I mean there’s so much more emotion attached to them. Something had to happen to separate this couple in the first place, right? Who wouldn’t want to see them get back together. 🙂
    Linda, I completely agree with you. 🙂 There’s so much that happened during this period in our country that led to events that would change the course of history forever.

  10. Oops, forgot you, Nora. Sorry about that. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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