What Does A Forger, A Gigolo and a Diamond Have in Common? by Teri Harmon

You know that mystery writers are a big part of society. We see crime in almost everything you say or do. Something as simple as going to the park, could constitute a chance for criminal activity. So why do we see it? Because somewhere, some love sick fool’s life has gone awry because his love life has gone to seed! So what does he do to get his life straight? He becomes either a forger or a gigolo.

The definition of a gigolo in the Webster’s New World Dictionary is a man paid to be a woman’s escort found on page 257 of the book. You find this character alluded to in many novels as a way for the man to enter the heart of the woman he is falling in love with. For example, he sees this woman whom he thinks will be great for him. But he can’t get his foot in the door. So he decides to become her escort. He massages her feet, listens to her complaining, treats her to home cooked meals all in the game of love to win her heart. Then she finds out that his career is that of a career forger.
A forger is someone whose desire is to create something that will help him make money. This money will then net him the woman of his dreams. You see the connection. But how does the character of a forger and a gigolo get a diamond? Why he makes the money to purchase it by stealing it in the first place.

Now here comes the hard part. How do I turn this above idea into a character driven novel that keeps your attention? If as they say in The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits, a “believable character () [is] essential in fiction and nonfiction…”, then we need to create that believable character. P 11 A romance itself is based on the idea that some man or woman is in love with another person. That they have found something attractive in that person. And then we fall in love with the main character. Men like Ranse McCandless, Tag Swaggert, Anthony Mallory, Rye Norville as well as a host of others. These are the men you fall in love with. The tall, dark and swarthy; the muscled, chiseled bodies; the debonair smile with the rakehells laugh and last but not least, the night that rocks your world. And you, of course a virgin. Got to have a virgin.
Not to mention, the heroine is always a young well brought up miss, or a troubled young woman determined to do right by her family. And then there’s the trouble- someone is out to kill her, steal her family money or she is just not the marrying kind. And we fall in love with the two of them.

The characters that we read about are believable because we can see ourselves in that character or our friends. I often find myself saying, I know people like that. I have a friend just like that.

A character can embrace as many traits as you want them to embrace as long as we the reader see something in that character that makes us turn your page until the end of the novel.


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