Terrific Releases Tuesday

Here’s a release I find terrific. A Soldier’s Woman was just released from Breathless Press on September 9th.
A Soldier’s Woman is the second book in Ava Delany‘s newest trilogy.

Janelle was a chubby and awkward teen in love with the most popular guy from her high school. Even now that she’s in college and he’s heading off to the army, he’d never give her the time of day…would he? When she finds herself drawn into a game of spin the bottle with him, she finds out how wrong she is.
Ron admires Janelle as much for her spunk as he always has for her well-endowed figure. So when the sweetly shy girl shows her wild side, he can’t think of anything other than possessing her; mind,body, and soul.

“Oooh. Into the closet,” the redhead chanted.
“Into the closet.” The others shouted with him, and Debbie nudged her shoulder, joining in.
Janelle glanced at Debbie, then back at Ron, who came towering toward her. His wide shoulders and dark looks made her think of an Arabic sheik. For an instant, she imagined him throwing her over his shoulder, hauling her back to his pillowed bed, and making passionate love to her in its soft confines. But this was reality, not fantasy.
He extended his hand and she took it, pressing to her feet without putting much weight on him. She didn’t want to make her weight any more obvious than it needed to be; though just the touch of his fingers made her feel lighter than air. Lighter than the clouds.
She glided on those clouds to the closet, the taunting chants of the crowd nearly inaudible. In this moment, only the strength of his fingers and the intensity of his gaze existed.
When she crossed the threshold she nearly turned and bolted back out. What if something happened in this room? What if it didn’t?
The shadowy room—brightened only by a small nightlight—terrified and excited her. What would she do? What could she do? He wouldn’t want to touch her… Wouldn’t even want to look at her. Why would he? The door closed behind them and laughter flooded from the crack at the base.
She turned to face him, and her breath hitched. He smelled as good as he looked, and even in the dim light, his bright blue eyes sparkled.
Janelle opened her mouth, but it took a moment before the words would move past her quivering lips. “We can just wait in here for a few minutes, then go out again. We don’t have to do anything.”
He smiled, raising an eyebrow.
She took a shaky breath, lifting her chin a notch to get the air past the hitch in her throat.
“And why wouldn’t we?” He stepped into her.
She stepped back. The clothes hangers pressed into her skin. A few fell to the floor. Her heart thundered, and a storm of nerves made her shake.
“I know you don’t…you didn’t want to… Didn’t you want to come in here with Debbie?”
He shook his head, still smiling. His gaze smoldered and he took another step. He grabbed her waist and jerked her to him. She felt like her insides would explode. Like she might laugh and cry all at once.
She prayed silently that this wouldn’t be a Carrie moment for her. He lowered his head toward hers. If she kissed him, as she desperately wanted to, she would die if he laughed or the door ripped open so everyone could laugh at her. His mouth hovered over hers, not quite touching yet. She couldn’t handle the humiliation.
His lips took possession of hers, soft yet hard, gentle yet commanding. Thoughts lost, she melted into him, surrounding herself with his warmth.
Why I’m excited-
I love a nice hot scene. And in a closet no less. Who doesn’t love to think back on those games where you got to kiss the boy you were crushing on? This story takes that memory and adds an adult twist.
April Dawn
-Author of Crushing Desire and Bound by Love available now through Breathless Press, All Romance, and Kindle.


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